Thursday, September 23, 2010

Ho hum . . .



I am in a terrible mood today. No reason other than the fact that I feel like I could be doing 65,000 other things other than sitting here in my desk. I have been in this purge mode lately. I thought I was in on earlier in the summer and did a great job of cleaning out unnecessary stuff out of closets and cabinets, but apparently I had no idea what was on the horizon.

I have been watching Hoarders. I know that there are 2 different networks that have shows on hoarding, and I have no preference. (Although I love Dr. Zasio on one of the shows) I just love looking at how people live who suffer from Hoarding disabilities. Some I am not sold on. Some I think are lazy and the cleaning got away from them, kind of like the BBC show How Clean is Your House. Some, well, some are truly sick. Last week there was a woman who spent a whole day with cleaners just to clean the entire backyard and she went and pulled trash out of dumpsters that night before hey returned the next day! One guy said that they have put her in therapy, but she took the trash home from therapy! Yikes.

While I am by no means a Hoarder, I think the show has inspired me to get rid of everything that is completely unnecessary and unused in my house. I keep looking at things and thinking, "If I moved, would I want to move that?" If not, it goes.

Our city has those large, uniform trash bins at every home. We have 2 and the abandoned house next door has 2. I filled 2 of them in the last 2 days. I pitched things from closets, armoires, cabinets, and the laundry room. My goal is to fill another tonight and them drag the 3 bags of donate stuff to Goodwill. When the weather settles down (Hello! It is autumn and the high today is 94!) I will purge the attic.

My trash guys are gonna hate me!

I did purge my office at work yesterday and moved furniture around today. My office looked so empty, that someone actually asked me if I was moving out of my office. Woot!

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Missy said...

I watch those shows because my house doesn't seem so bad compared to theirs! LOL