Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Orlando 2014 . . .

The registration for next year's Orlando Retreat begins May 1st .  Yesterday a friend on facebook posted that Orlando was "the best thing I ever did for myself".  I had the privledge of meeting her last year.  She came in a day early and joined a bunch of us in a hotel tha first night before we got to the villas.  She had not ever left her state alone and had never flown.  She took a HUGE step of faith in registering.  This year, she stayed in the same villa as I did.  She is a true gem!  I responded on facebook with "So glad you did.  I am better person for having you in my life."

This is how I feel about all the ladies I have been blessed to meet because of Orlando.  The support I have garnered has been instrumental in the good space our family is in at this moment.  They have HELD ME UP when I have faltered.  They have given me HOPE when I swore that all was lost. They have LAUGHED with me when I had no other choice and they have CRIED with me when I felt I couldn't possibly take anything else.  They are the glue that holds me together and I couldn't be more thankful for the blessing of meeting these S T R O N G women.  Had it not been for them, I picture a very different place that we would be in at the moment.  I am not sure I could do this alone.  I am not sure my marriage would be intact and I am not sure that my son would be living in my house.  They are my foundation in parenting my child and I could not more grateful. 

If you are parenting a child from Trauma or one that struggles with Attachment, consider yourself invited.  I promise that you will feel welcomed and a part of a sisterhood that you could not imagine. If you think you won't fit in, I promise you we will take that challenge.  If you think that stepping out and heading to a place that you don't know a soul is too big a step, I promise you we will hold your hand.  I PROMISE you that you will never look back and regret your decision. I swear that your life will be changed for the better.  

Go on.  

Do it.  

I promise it will be worth facing every fear.

Visit our BeTA retreat FAQ page and get some information and take the leap!