Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The one in which I get judgmental . . .

Let's just say I know this family. This family is receiving government assistance for a variety of things. That in itself I have no issue with. I would not even have an issue if in fact this family happened to be new to this country. I might even know that both these parents are working and thus contributing to the economy and paying taxes and if they qualify they should be able to receive some assistance. Let's just say for the sake of arguing that this hypothetical family might possibly be receiving government subsidized housing and food stamp assistance. They could possibly also be eligible for funding that pays for a portion, if not all of their childcare. If this family actually existed I may know that they are good people and I wouldn't ever think that they could be swindling the system.

Let's say I also knew another family who is "working poor". They work their tails off and let's say possibly adopted a child out of foster care. That child could be unable to be left in childcare or too old for any programs, so one parent had to stop working. They sacrificed and yes, it was their choice so they shouldn't be whining. Let's say this family just had to repair the air conditioning in their 6 year old minivan to the tune of $1200 and had to forgo this year's planned vacation.

So here's where the judgmental portion of this fictional story may come into play. One family could be driving a 6 year old minivan that needs repaired, you know the one family who doesn't qualify for government assistance because they "make too much" (ha!), and the other family could be driving a new Lincoln Navigator.

Could there be extenuating circumstances? Sure. But, man o man, it might make one of these families irritable and even jealous. This woman might just be mean and judgmental. You decide.

Our zoo visit . . .

We didn't video the fit McCartney threw at the end of the day, but it would've made a great ending for the video! LOL

Monday, June 29, 2009

The weekend from Hades . . .

So, as far as my ablation goes. . . it is heavenly! I have had no pain, no spotting, no discharge (lord, I hate that word). I would do it 100 times over! If you have been offered this procedure, RUN to your nearest GYN and schedule it now! If you haven't and you done having children and having terrible cycles . . . . go do it! I will let you know what I think of it on or about July 21st for sure.

So, now for a vomiting of the issues I have been having . . . . you have been warned.

The weekend was horrific because my kids are horrid! My two littles are either picking up behaviors that they have seen from Dustin (our FAS child - for my few new readers) or simply because I have RUINED them. I have no idea what to do any longer. EVERYTHING in my life is a battle. They will do nothing without counting (1-2-3 magic is not working at all!) or screaming and threatening and even with those two things they still do not do anything they are asked. I am a mess. I am frustrated and I hate the fact that my kids are awfully behaved.

Yesterday we went to the Zoo. McCartney ahd a major meltdown and screamed from one end of the Zoo to the exit. Harrison, not wanting to be outdone, matched her scream for scream. it's a sad day when Dustin is better behaved than the littles! This morning, McCarntey had another meltdown, this time over clothes, then shoes. She ran out the door and down the block screaming the whole way. (Dustin anyone?) I am so done it isn't even amusing.

I feel like I am the worst mother on the planet. I am tried of hollering, I am tired of threatening. I am tired of being mean. I want to enjoy my kids, but I can't when they act like this. Some of you may recall the fits we were having last spring due to some constant pain she was having. Those fits are nithing compared to the ones we are seeing now. Last week at daycare she toppled a table and chairs in her room. She threw them over! In front of other kids. Holy mercy!

They will not go anywhere in our house alone. They won't even go to the bathroom unsupervised. I know it is because with Dustin we have never allowed them to be alone, now they are old enough and they will not do it. I have ruined my children.

I need help. I know that the key is following through and consistency. I know it will be long haul. But it sucks. I feel horribly and I know that my attitude and my feelings affect theirs. Good thoughts, suggestions, prayers and straightjackets are welcome . . .

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Post-op. . .

***** FAIR WARNING hootchie talk follows ******

I had an endometrial ablation today. I have been struggling with "lady town" issues since I had McCartney nearly 6 years ago. I have continued to struggle because I didn't have insurance until a year ago. I figured it was simply the stress of having 2 babies in 16 months and getting older. Everyone I talked to said, "Well, your body goes through changes as you age."

To be completely honest (and really why not since I am telling you about my girly bit issues) I was uber-fearful to get checked out because everyone on my dad's side of the family has cancer issues. I know that it makes NO SENSE to avoid something if you are fearful of cancer because, well you could DIE, but that's where I was.

So, a friend had an ablation done a couple months ago and was telling me why. Her symptoms matched mine almost perfectly. I scheduled an appointment with the office she visits and had the work up done. Lo and behold I was a candidate for an ablation.

My doc prefers to do them under general anesthetic and I was all for that. I had no desire to be laying on a table in the office with him using something that suspiciously looks like a curling iron burning the lining out of ladytown!

Anyhoo, the procedure was this morning. I fell pretty good. They do a D&C and a scope to check out my fibroids then do the ablation which burns out the lining so I will no longer "grow" one each month. I will still cycle, and no hormone therapy will be necessary since nothing was removed. My friend had FAB results and I had read more positive outcomes on the 'net so I am hopeful this will not only fix the problem, but maybe I will NEVER bleed again! (can you hear the angels singing??)

My friend said her first day was easy. The real struggle came about 10 hours after surgery when all the good meds really wore off. So we shall see . . . .

Rest assured I will keepo you posted *wink* and then I promise no more posts about my ladytown . . . . okay maybe that is a lie. *smirk*

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Trashy Tuesday . . .

Well, I figure everybody else has a day, why not me?? MckMama has "Not me Mondays" and Homebody Holly has "Thrift Store Thursday" and of course the lovely Jo has "Mountain Mondays" . . . I got the trash end covered!

I used to be a trash hunter extraordinaire, until I got pulled over one night and was told I was illegally driving in the alleys. (I got a little smart-mouthed and asked if I lived there how would I get to my house if I couldn't drive in the alley. He was not amused) I got weirded out and gave up the obsession. The only time I get something from trash now is if I an coincidentally driving by something that looks cool and could use some love. I found these beauties Sunday night coming home from the grocery store. I loved their shape and the fluting on the back of the chair. I actually only took the one that was unpainted and together, but about 12:30 that night I had to go back and see if the other one was still there. She was calling my name!* Ok, I am a freak!

I had leftover vinyl from another set of chairs I recovered along time ago (don't judge, I have little ones) and I bought a $5 can of spray paint. I chose almond because we just got an almond fridge and I would like to find a small table for the kitchen. I think they look fab! If they were your trash . . . thanks!

What do you think?

I also found this mirror at the same house, I think I will paint it to put in our bedroom. Watch for that transformation later . . .

* I have this weird obsession with chairs. I love chairs. Especially oddly shaped ones. I remember being in Indianapolis one day thrift shopping with my friend Peggy and I made her stop at a garage sale and I bought a wooden chair, kinda danish style, and we had to pry it into the backseat of her escort. LOL

Ignore my porch, the neighbor is creating a ton of dust with a brick grinding project next door. Oi!

Monday, June 22, 2009

The joy of FASD . . .

Okay, well maybe not just FAS, but also Moderately Mentally Handicapped status. I needed to run to Kohl's to look for a toaster and Dustin wanted to go. I told him to run upstairs and grab clothes and hurry. This is what I got, plaid shirt, splotchy shorts, and 2 different colored Crocs. Fab! Needless to say I made him change his shirt, I let him go with the Crocs. I'm a non-conformist.

Sprinkler fun . . .

Why does every kid that ever lived try to wash their butt with the sprinkler and think this is the most hysterical thing ever?
See what did I tell you, I had about 300 of these and I only kept a few . . . for later prom dates.

Ok, how hillbilly are we? I was too lazy to even think about baths after the weekend I had so I took out body wash and shampoo. I freakin' bathed my children in the backyard with the hose. How far have I stooped? A little shampoo . . . a little air guitar . . . a few liberty spikes. . . Soap in my mouth! Soap in my mouth! Open up!
Rinse Cycle!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

I'm here Lisa . . .

I got a little kick in the pants from Lisa to check in. I am fine. I spent about 4 hours in bed last night and did a crap load of yard work today. My week is going to be insane. I have 5 field trips in 3 days of work this week and Thursday I am having an ablation done to help the hell I am having with my girly bits. (sorry Joe, cover your eyes)

My step-dad is having a heart cath tomorrow and we will know then how they will proceed. He is still experiencing pain and is not thrilled to be in the hospital. My mom is actually taking it like a champ. I spent several hours up there after yard-work hell today.

My brother is planning on moving out soon (he moved back from Minnesota a year or so ago and is staying with my mom) and has always wanted a dog. When we were kids I was terribly allergic and he blamed me for not ever being able to have one. Of course when I moved out I got my own zoo so that irritated him! LOL Anyway, someone at his job is needing to rehome a pup and he really wants the little guy. We may be "fostering" the dog until he gets a place. He is freakin' adorable! We shall see. . .

That is all.

Father's Day three ways . . .

My dad passed away 13 years this August. He fought a long, hard course of throat cancer that morphed into brain cancer. It was an ugly road. My dad obviously changed with the disease, but the best thing it did was not only draw him closer to God but also to us, his family. My dad was a strict disciplinarian and he instill in my brother and I a strong work ethic. We were given what we needed, but we had to work for what we wanted. He had high expectations for us. He had his flaws like we all do, but I recall the day we found out the cancer had returned and it was terminal. He sat my brother and I down in the living room and apologized for his shortcomings as a father. We healed as a family that day. The final months were tough, but we faced them as a family. I love my daddy and I miss him horribly. I wish he could've walked me down the isle and patted my pregnant belly. I mourn the fact that he cannot hold my babies or meet my husband. Happy Father's Day Daddy.

My Step-dad, Darwin, is an amazing man. He has not only been a fabulous husband to my mother, but he has welcomed my brother and I into his family as if we were his own children. from the very beginning, he made certain we understood he considered us his children. He is the only grandfather my children know and I couldn't ask for a better one for my kids. He is kind hearted and generous, trustworthy and level headed. Happy Father's Day Darwin.

I recall after Robert's brain surgery in 2001 when he looked at me and said, "Sheri we should become foster parents. There are so many children who need homes and we have the space and the love to give. It would be wrong not to." That my friends is why Robert is a fabulous father. He selflessly cares for Dustin and deals with his constant needs. He loves my babies and always finds fun things to share with them, teach them or play with them. He loves to explain things and does it in a way that really helps them understand how something works. I get a kick out of him sharing music with them. He is instilling in them a love for knowledge and music. I see unconditional love from him when he looks at them. The three kids are blessed to call him Daddy. Happy Father's Day honey!

Best Laid Plans. . .

So remember the birthday party? And my mom watching the kids becausse we so needed a night out? Yeah . . .

This morning I was at my mom's house and my step-dad was having a severe headache. He looked miserable. Like any good wife, she fixed him breakfast, gave him excedrin and we went shopping.

Mom was supposed to be at my house at 8:00 tonight. She calls at 7:30 and says she has to take him to the ER. She said they will give him meds, run a couple tests and she will be over after that. I sent Robert ahead to the party, expecting to follow in an hour or so.

At 9:45 my mom calls me and they are shipping my step-dad to the main hospital across town in an EMS . . . he apparently had a heart attack this morning and they are concerned with his heart rate. Robert came home and I went up to the hospital CICU. The cardiologist came in and they are running tests tomorrow and a heart cath on Monday. Then they will decide on a plan to clear his heart of blockages that are most surely there.

Prayers, good vibes, healing thoughts would be much appreciated. . .

Saturday, June 20, 2009

More Goodness . . .

So, we are going to a birthday party tonight. ALONE. No kids. Yay! (love you mom!) I wanted to take something and I really wanted to make this cereal toffee things I do, but Robert bought light butter and well, it didn't work out. It is salvageable for the kids, but not for a party. I found these little pretzel rods that are wheat and I love them. I had some melting bark and some Welton Melts left over so I made these FAB little dipped pretzels. I used non-pareils (which are my fav!) and them I did walnuts too. Yumm! (this plate is a large platter, I think I made enough for an army!)

I had to include a picture of the CUTEST soup mugs I got at the Goodwill this morning on 50% off day. Aren't they gorg? And 50 cents a peice!

Saturday Goodness . . .

Tonight my mom is watching the kids. She is coming here so like any good daughter I am cleaning my house. I have been on a purge lately and I want to throw out anything we don't use. It was also time for Cayenne to get brushed out. I am pretty sure I have espoused the goodness of the Furminator before, but let me tell you again.

I. love. the. Furminator.

I am not sure you can see the fur pile in the first picture, but I think if you squint you can see it. Cayenne looks oh so happy huh? She actually loves the Furminator, but doesn't care for the camera.

The handfuls of fur you see here was just from a quick brushing with the Furminator. It was still coming out well, but I just gave up. I could probably get twice this much. And of course this doesn't include all the fur that blew around outside before I decided to come inside and all the fur I couldn't get easily off the rug. George, the Dyson, finished the job for me easily. And in case anyone is reading this and needing endorsements. . .

I. love. my. Dyson.

Now, I am off to find the cat.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Beat down . . .

Right now I am feeling beat down. I am so tired of constantly supervising Dustin that I cannot even tell you. We get no assistance, no PCA's, no respite, nothing. I am so tired of being on high alert and constant vigilance. He cannot be out of our sight for more than 2 seconds without causing an issue with the other kids or animals. He is absolutely unable to control himself in any way shape or form. And to top it all off I can tell he is moving into the "run away" stage. It started last weekend with this glint in his eye and him stepping in the other direction when you called him, just threatening him with his eyes for us to chase him. He did run into the large doghouse last weekend from me, and I got the "Gopher" to grab his ankle and drag him out since I cannot reach the back corner (yes it is that big). It shocked him and it worked, he hasn't tried running since, but I know it is short lived. I would kill for a babysitter that could handle him. This weekend Robert and I are supposed to go to a party and my mom is supposed to watch the kids, but if he is this off, that may not happen. I soooooo need a break. I could just cry.

My mechanical life is not helping in any way shape or form either. First it was the A/C in the van which ruined our possibility for a vacation, then the refrigerator which we will pay off later. Our houses needs a fairly large repair as well, and to be quite honest I am afraid to call a repair guy. When we chose to keep Dustin we knew one of us would not be able to work, we knew it would be a sacrifice, but money issues do not help in the stress department . . . And get this, I am up for a raise at work and it would help a little, but I could lose my insurance from the small pay increase, being poor sucks.

I have a sore throat and the glands in my neck are so swollen it hurts to move my head from side to side. That is probably the real reason for my rant, I feel so terribly bad. But here I am at work, because my summer is so busy. All you faithful readers will recall I do 9 fieldtrips a week. One each afternoon and one every morning with the exception of Wednesday. When I cannot come, groups miss their trips and no one wants to ruin the kid's day. So here I am . . . And as long as I am whining, I will tell you that I am having issues with the girly bits and have to have a procedure done that does not sound fun. I hope that is part of the funk I am in and once it is over I will be back to myself.

I am just tired and whiny and I am sorry you all have to "hear" this. Parenting special needs kids is hard. It takes a toll on your health, your sleep and your marriage. Some times we lose it. I am just done right now, I will be fine later. Thankfully Robert and I don't ever lose it at the same time. Thankfully I have you to whine too.

Aren't you lucky?

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Camera dump . . .

What has been going on at the Rouse House lately? Let's take a look what was on Mommy's camera when I dumped it tonight . . .

McCartney has become quite the artist. She went from not normally choosing to color, to constantly doing something creative with paper, crayons, markers and scissors. This butterfly was something she made for her teacher. She worked on it for close to an hour. She was so proud!

Robert made a chocolate pie with meringue. It was fabulous! He rocks!

I have fallen in love with my sewing machine. I made this crayon roll just to see if I could figure it out. I did (I even made it for double rows of crayons!), and McCartney, the resident artist, loves it. I also made her a coloring book bag from the same fabric. (60% off upholstery fabric, woohoo!)

The new beloved refrigerator! She's a beauty! I love the french doors, and boy-o-boy does it have more space than my old side by side. I don't even miss the water in the door! Don't look at the TV on top, and yes it has cable . . . .don't judge me! I love me some TV and when I am in the kitchen I can have quality TV time with little to no interuptions! Win Win.

Meet Jose, the reason I don't miss the water in the fridge door. It was Robert's fathers day present. (we have this weird thing about naming appliances) We have yet to name the fridge. . . Robert is lobbying for Frosty. (if you recall by Dyson vacuum is named George)

Our first harvest from the garden. Kohlrabi! Mmmmmm! Brings back tons of memories from my childhood and my grandpa's garden. I did not peel it with my old trusty pocket knife and eat it right there like Grandpa used to though. McCartney is not a fan, but Harrison and Dustin sure liked them.

More evidence of the love affair with my sewing machine. I whipped up a few buttercup bags with some random fabric this weekend for gifts and such. I also taught myself how to sew in a zipper so I am making matching change purses. It totally relaxes me and I like to alter things so each is a little different. I think my winter hobby is crocheting and my summer one is sewing. . .

McCartney went to sleep with toys and such in her bed one night. I went in to check on her at my bedtime and I found her with this leather heart stuck to her face. Like any bloggin' mommy I got my camera and took a picture before I took it off her and cleaned out her bed.

I hate Pyrex. I hate the years of crud and hard water stains that build up (don't judge). I don't have a dishwasher so glass dishes are super hard to keep clean. This particular one is only used to heat hard taco shells. This morning I decided to try to use a Magic Eraser on it and see how easy it was to clean, Check this out! It really wasn't that difficult and only took about 5 minutes! Yeehaw!

Question: How do you know you have been blogging too long?
Answer: When you take before and after pictures of your Pyrex.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Busy times . . .

Busy week. My kid's last day at school was Wednesday last week. Work was crazy with doing CPR training for 20 staff and getting everything set for the summer.

We had a big weekend with yard work and grocery shopping. My crazy schedule at work started this week. I have 76 school aged children in four different groups. I take them on 9 field trips weekly. I am out of the daycare every afternoon and all mornings but Wednesday. Wednesday is my morning to catch up on all the garbage at my desk and do any projects my boss may have for me. This morning was NUTS.

I enjoy my summer and I love taking the kids on field trips, but it is a lot of stress. Not only am I on the go constantly (which makes my days go quickly) but I am responsible for other people's children . . . in public and 4 days a week at a pool. It may sound fun, but I am on constant alert because they could be seriously injured at the pool, so it is by no means relaxing.

Monday morning I came home and found my refrigerator limping along. The old fridge has been on her last leg for at least 9 months. I knew the end was very near so we went appliance shopping. Ghastly. It sucked beyond belief. I was not able to make a decision to save my life and we were at Lowes so long I thought that they were going to ask us to leave and make sure we take our wild monkeys children with us and they would give us a fridge for free! Yes! They were that bad! We finally settled on one and got a killer deal because it was special order that was never picked up.

Today it rained and we weren't able to go to the park on a field trip, so I got a bunch done. I did staff orientation for 2 new staff, a First Aid review class, finished an entire project I was given and cleaned out my in-box. Whew. I worked my tookie off!

I needed something else to concentrate on tonight so I decided to make a new purse with Rae's fabulous pattern. The other one I made was increased 130% from the pattern and while I loved the fabric, it was a little too thin and the strap needed a little length. This time I made it with Rae's original measurements, but added 2 inches to the top of both the exterior and the lining so it was taller. I also made the handle much longer. I really need something to sling over my shoulder with my busy summer. It is perfect and I love it. I decided it need an embellishment so I made a flower and attached it with a button. Cute huh? (By the way, the fabric is a canvas that I got at WalMart for $1.50 a yard! Score! . . . and the hot pink was $1.77 a yard)

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Diagnosing kids . . .

Okay, this post is not going to be anything eloquent or well thought out like Snarky Mom or anything well informed and planned like Lisa would write, but here goes. . .

I have always struggled with diagnosing kids with psychiatric disorders. It has nothing to do with labeling. I know some people freak out about slapping a label on their kids, but who the heck cares. Who has to know? It's not like they are required to wear a Tshirt that says, "I have been diagnosed BiPolar" to the local community pool. The only reason it should be brought up is in school and then only if their are issues or if services are needed. Then, it's obvious there's a need for that label. You don't have to place an ad in the newspaper to make the town aware of a diagnosis.

The reason I struggle is "how do we really know"? I mean, okay, when Dustin came to us in foster care he had every label imaginable. A few I can name off the top of my head are: Sensory Integration Disorder, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, Shaken Baby Syndrome, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Early On-set Bi-Polar Disorder, Aspergers Syndrome, blah blah blah. Basically the only label we never had was Reactive Attachment Disorder, even though this was mentioned more than once. Now we simply have a Fetal Alcohol Disorder and Schizophrenic Disorder label ONLY, with a Moderately Mentally Handicapped status thrown in for good measure. That's what's "driving the bus" in Dustin's brain and everything else is "sitting in the back seats along for the ride". Basically my child is psychotic due to prenatal alcohol exposure. Period.

Do those labels help me deal with him better. Nope. What they do is help others see his weaknesses and celebrate his differences. They don't give excuses for his behaviors but they do give reasons. Our psychiatrist once said to me, I don't really care what you call it, we still have to learn to deal with it whatever it is. Amen brother! Sometimes it helps to tell people he has traits of Aspergers Syndrome because that is what they are familiar with and it gives them something to work with. Does he have Aspergers? Who knows, he definitely exhibits some form of Pervasive Developmental Disorder, and it is definitely sitting in one of those back seats on Dustin's Brain Bus.

Okay, here's where it gets tricky for me. . . hold on to your panties. How dare people who don't know me or haven't seen my kid or spent time with them say he couldn't possibly have that. It does seem that there is a trend toward a specific diagnosis in the child's psychiatric community from time to time. A few years ago, everyone was ADD, then it seemed to be Autism, and now it seems to the leaning toward RAD. Now it may be one thing to say that a particular diagnosis is overused, it is quite another thing to say it doesn't exist. Excuse me? Are you a doctor? Just because you have adopted successfully and haven't had to deal with it doesn't mean other's don't. I am pleased that you are so wonderful that your child seems to love you at first sight, but seriously you don't know every child. And perhaps you don't know everything. *gasp* For me, it is similar to the troll that attacked Torina. I would love for that person to live her life for one day.

My whole problem with RAD is that these children are damaged. Just as my child's brain is "broken" due to prenatal alcohol exposure these children are "broken" due to abuse, neglect, multiple placements etc. Who am I to say that doesn't happen? Who am I to say that can't happen? I guess my take on it is that we as a country and as a people are moving toward a mentality that says "me me me" all the time. "Screw my kids, screw their needs I need a drink, a fix, a night out. Who cares how it affects them!" It's obvious that these kids who have been taken from their homes are damaged by this trauma and "broken". How can they trust another adult just because you say you are safe? Especially when some of the trauma came from supposed "safe" foster families. Maybe as the trend continues children are becoming more and more traumatized and now we are seeing more and more and more RAD. Whether a child gets FAS depends on the strength of the baby, how much the mother drinks and how often as well as the time frame in which she drank during pregnancy. Couldn't this be a similar situation for RAD, some kids are simply tougher than others. You, missy, got lucky, and so did your kids! Saying that because you haven't dealt with it so it doesn't exist is like saying I've never had a broken arm so I don't believe bones can break. Ignorant.

I guess my entire frustration with this is that we are all in this together. Does your child mad pee? Let's talk about options and what you've tried. Does your child bang their head on walls? Hey, what works for you to get them to stop? That's why I blog. I don't blog to bash someone else's child's diagnosis. I certainly wouldn't say that you wish for a diagnosis just to bring attention to yourself and say, "Hey look how broken my child is! I am a saint for taking this on!" That makes me ill. Funny, I find you judgemental and abrasive. I have however prayed for a diagnosis to get help and services my child needed. I rejoiced when Dustin got a low IQ score so that he qualified for special education services 100% of the time, and mourned when Anna did not. I wrote a whole post about wishing people would see my child as "broken" and understand his behavior similar to seeing a child in a wheelchair and understanding he cannot walk.

There, rant over.

Monday, June 01, 2009

The plans they are a-changin' . . .

Well, I have officially decided that being an adult sucks.

Memorial Day weekend our air conditioning in our van stopped working. We have had a van before that had some sort of a leak and we used those refill cans you get at the auto parts store. They work fabulously if that is the problem. This time, not so much.

I am a sweaty mess in the summer. I cannot live without AC in my house or in my van. Call me spoiled, but that's how it is. I literally melt . . .

I took the van into the local tire joint because I was also having issues with the back brakes making noise and they were under warranty from a fix almost a year ago. They called me in an hour or so and told me that the back brakes were not actually the problem (go figurea), but my rear wheel cylinders were leaking and needed replaced and that the entire AC unit needed replaced to the tune of $1950 for both repairs and a brake light replacement.

Seriously. $1950.

Ummm, no thanks.

I had them fix the brake light and the cylinders for $375. After I stopping throwing up (jk), I called around for a quote for the AC and got one from my dealer for $800. I CANNOT live without AC (I know I said that already) so we talked about it and how we could afford it. We considered trading the van in on a mid size car, but the thought of Dustin next to the kids in the back seat and the thought of a car payment made me gag a little. I had to choose AC over this summer's vacation. I scheduled it for the following week.

So Friday I dropped it off and about one hour later I get a call from the service department. Guess what? They found another hose that was bad and all in all it cost me almost $1200. Crapola.

So, first we were going to Cali and then we couldn't because Robert's sister isn't going to be there. Then we were ammending our trip and doing a shorter route out west and then swooping down and including Georgia. Then we discussed New York and Washington DC. Now . . .





Suck! I hope I can eeeek out a short weekend trip at least once this summer and maybe some camping.

I hate being an adult.

Harrison's vocal debut . . .