Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The one in which I get judgmental . . .

Let's just say I know this family. This family is receiving government assistance for a variety of things. That in itself I have no issue with. I would not even have an issue if in fact this family happened to be new to this country. I might even know that both these parents are working and thus contributing to the economy and paying taxes and if they qualify they should be able to receive some assistance. Let's just say for the sake of arguing that this hypothetical family might possibly be receiving government subsidized housing and food stamp assistance. They could possibly also be eligible for funding that pays for a portion, if not all of their childcare. If this family actually existed I may know that they are good people and I wouldn't ever think that they could be swindling the system.

Let's say I also knew another family who is "working poor". They work their tails off and let's say possibly adopted a child out of foster care. That child could be unable to be left in childcare or too old for any programs, so one parent had to stop working. They sacrificed and yes, it was their choice so they shouldn't be whining. Let's say this family just had to repair the air conditioning in their 6 year old minivan to the tune of $1200 and had to forgo this year's planned vacation.

So here's where the judgmental portion of this fictional story may come into play. One family could be driving a 6 year old minivan that needs repaired, you know the one family who doesn't qualify for government assistance because they "make too much" (ha!), and the other family could be driving a new Lincoln Navigator.

Could there be extenuating circumstances? Sure. But, man o man, it might make one of these families irritable and even jealous. This woman might just be mean and judgmental. You decide.


FosterAbba said...

You are not unreasonably mean, judgmental, or jealous.

I live just a few blocks away from the local food pantry. More often than not, I see people there who have cars that are way nicer and newer than anything I could ever dream of owning.

We are living in this very strange form of middle class poverty, in that after we pay all the basic bills (mortgage, insurance, utilities, etc.) there's basically nothing left.

This morning, I set up all the online payments for the bills that come due in the first half of July, and I have a whopping $65 left over.

So I'm just busy praying that all our clients pay on time, and that something else comes in before we need to buy groceries.

This sucks.

Jo said...

Sometimes things are just so unfair it makes me want to scream.

Cupcake Mama said...

Ooohhohoohh... I have one...let's say there is a woman who inherits five kids from her worthless baby murdering sister, hypothetical of course. The worthless sister goes on to buy a new car and a house and she works normal hours at a job she got after going to a tech school that she didn't have to pay for while the other sister who took ten years to put herself through school while working full time and earn actual degrees works 65 hours a week (paid) outside of her field to make ends meet for the family of 7.
This woman tries to buy a bigger house but she can't because of the economy, she can't even get a construction loan to expand her house because there is a freeze. Plus, she's feeling guilty because she's busting her butt to try to resave (spent on the other children and there needs when placed) the money to conceive a child of her own and has to go the fertility path...therefore having to PAY to have a child while the other one had six for free. Literally.

Not to mention, she makes too little money to PAY for her health insurance through her employer and was referred to the state sliding scale program who then told her she made too MUCH money.

Bitter? Justified? One thing, she knows despite it all she is still one lucky woman.

Sheri. I sooo know what you mean. That hypothetical woman is neither mean nor judgmental. She's right. It's just redonkulous, *wink*

King said...

Far too many undeserving people are living on the public dole, and now that we have Obama in charge, get ready for even more.

Also, you think it's hard paying bills now? Wait until Cap and Trade passes. All of your utility bills will be going up by an estimated 40% over the following few years.

Too bad you didn't save those two $600 checks G.W. Bush sent you. Would have came in handy for your a/c repairs.

Sheri said...

King, I disagree with the Obama reference. Although if you are a reader you would know that already, but I have sworn off political posts for a little while, so a quick comment will have to suffice.

I am not opposed to Cap and Trade since I think that we all could learn to be more frugal and efficient with the resources we have been given. By raising the price of carbon emissions of these companies, it will create incentives for clean energy, efficiency, and conserving our resources. Even though the price we pay for energy will rise (I don't agree with 40%) the refund he is proposing can make up and even go over the expenses we will likely incur. And, since lower income families usually spend new disposable income as soon as it gets in their hands, we should see a rise in consumer spending as well.

But, I am sure we will agree to disagree.

bud said...

No, the increase won't be 40 percent. Here in the midwest it will be much more, as virtually all of our energy is generated by coal fired plants that put out the most CO2. But, as you say, there will be more programs with more paperwork for the working poor so they can get vouchers to pay the increase. And there will probably be a black market for the vouchers, so you can sell them to get new spinners for your Lincoln Navigator.

And gfovernment really should force us to be more frugal and efficient. And healthier and thinner. Amd kinder and gentler.

Taxes on the foods that make us fat are what we really need. Obesity and all it's related probl;ems are a drain on society. We need a casserole penalty to make us better people and more cognizant of our healthcare footprint.

Sheri said...

Bud, and that would be the reason I am not blogging politically right now, not that I was ever good at it, but I just don't have the energy to argue . . .

I will say, "And gfovernment really should force us to be more frugal and efficient. And healthier and thinner. Amd kinder and gentler." (sic) I don't think it is governemnt's position to do these things either, but I think that it is not such a bad thing for there to be penalties, such as higher rates, on things that are ruining our environment. Maybe it will cause people to use their heads and be a little more frugal. What we are doing now will greatly impact my children's future.

King said...

Bud, don't know how to reach you, but why did you quit blogging? That was some good stuff for the short while it lasted.

Sorry Sheri, didn't know how else to reach him.