Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Great things you hear at daycare . . . part 2

Never heard anything like this before . . .

Teacher : I know you would like to cut the hairs in your nose, but they aren't long enough for that yet.

Boy : But my daddy does.

Teacher : I know he does, but yours aren't ready yet.

And my favorite after 15 years . . .

The set up:
I had a girl in my class whose parents raised Great Danes. Her father who had never been at our dacyare brought one in one time for show - n- share. A boy from my co-workers class named Cameron was quite an ornery thing. This is the child that likes to pee on the toilet paper roll just to see it grow, and pee in the easel tray to fill it up. His father was quite concerned about his behavior, and dad was quite intimidating even to us as teachers. Nice man, but large and commanding. Here's how the show -n-share ionstance went.

The instance:
Haley's dog was LARGE. This back was about eye level with the children. Some smaller children were shorter than the dogs back. Cameron walked around the dog, stopping just in the rear of the dog. He bent over and looked under the dogs tail which was cropped. He moved to the side and looked under the dog. He then moved to the other side and looked once again under the dog.

The kicker:
He pops his head up, points at the dogs Who-Whos and says . . .
"Hey! My dod's gots them!"

My co-worker and I lost it!

Monday, November 28, 2005

Better late than never . . . .

OK so this is a little late.

You know what I am most thankful for . . .

Not crashing our car on slippery I69
Indoor waterparks
Very tired children who sleep through the night
WalMart is open Thanksgiving
Mother In-Laws in a good mood
Daughters who can carry an beloved ceramic angel across the room without dropping it

Now you know how my Thanksgiving holiday went!

Wow . . .

This weather sucks. My entire family has been so sick. I think we just keep passing from one kid, to us, to another kid and back again. I'm so tired of wiping noses, rashy booties, and my wonderful dogs tearing up the tissues that are left everywhere. Finally, we are all in our appropriate places today - school - daycare and work. Daddy is left at home by himself for the first time in a while . .. maybe I'll have a clean house when I get home!

Thursday, November 17, 2005

OKay, Okay I know, 9 days . . .

I'm certain that a certain friend is falling off her rocker right now, as if she wasn't already off her rocker. I am posting after NINE days. It's been a little hectic around here, my kids have been quite ill, (more puking stories) and then IT hits. The cold from hell! I have seriuos asthma, and the cold makes it totally worse. My son continues to say "Mommy are you sick?" everytime that I hack up my lungs and nearly die. What does one say to that innocent little face? "Of course I'm sick, did you just hear that?" So I say "Mommy feels like poo-poo" My son looks at my face and with a little scrunched up nose says "Nuh-huh mommy, You're not brown"

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Great things you hear at daycare

I work at a daycare. That alone should say volumes. I decided that we daycare providers are a strange lot. You say things at work that you would NEVER say anywhere else. You also hear things you would NEVER Hear anywhere else. A few noteables from recently . . .

My son came in and told me to get back to work. I said "You tell your teacher I work even in my sleep." My sons runs across the hall screaming "My mommy says she goes to work in bed!"

I heard a teacher in the hallway say, "Are you licking your friend? Your friend does not want to be licked right now."

International House of . . . .

Ok let me start by telling you that my daughter has this thing about sticking things in her diaper and pretending they are "all gone". We are at IHOP this past Friday evening and the green crayon she had been playing with went "all gone". After about 3 minutes she satrts saying "Owie butt!" at the top of her lungs. I reach in and retreive the crayon that was lodged sideways in the back of her diaper. As if this wasn't enough fun for the night about 10 minutes after got our food she starts grabbing her stomach and saying "Owie Mommy" over and over. I think she is simply trying to get out of the high chair. I keep telling her she's fine.

Finally I am tired of hearing her whine and I get up to pay the bill thinking a change of scenery would help. I take her hand. The "Owie"s get louder. I reach the counter and pick her up just as I hand the credit card to the girl at the counter. The next minute I realize that my lovely daughter is projectile vomiting down by arm, down my front, down my back, and all over the display case where the register is. You need to understand my daughter is a good puker. She doesn't even heave, she just lets it all go. The poor 17 year old at the counter had no idea what to do. She says "I'll go get towels" she then returns with 2 small dishtowels to clean up this mammoth pile of . . . well, you know.

My mom was bringing my son to me after taking him on a "date". She drove into the parking lot just as I was flying outside to escape the embarassment and prepare for the next wave. Luckily she had a towel in her van. I pulled off my nasty shirt (Much to the dismay of my stepfather) right in the parking lot and put on my jacket. We then ripped off my daughter's clothes and wrapped her in the towel.

It was quite a scene. I will never be able to step foot in that IHOP again. I also will never be able to call it International House of . . . Pancakes again.