Saturday, June 20, 2009

Saturday Goodness . . .

Tonight my mom is watching the kids. She is coming here so like any good daughter I am cleaning my house. I have been on a purge lately and I want to throw out anything we don't use. It was also time for Cayenne to get brushed out. I am pretty sure I have espoused the goodness of the Furminator before, but let me tell you again.

I. love. the. Furminator.

I am not sure you can see the fur pile in the first picture, but I think if you squint you can see it. Cayenne looks oh so happy huh? She actually loves the Furminator, but doesn't care for the camera.

The handfuls of fur you see here was just from a quick brushing with the Furminator. It was still coming out well, but I just gave up. I could probably get twice this much. And of course this doesn't include all the fur that blew around outside before I decided to come inside and all the fur I couldn't get easily off the rug. George, the Dyson, finished the job for me easily. And in case anyone is reading this and needing endorsements. . .

I. love. my. Dyson.

Now, I am off to find the cat.


Lisa said...

My parents are coming tomorrow night so I'm trying to get as much done as possible. Mom is a clean freak. I am just a freak. I know she's not judging me when she's here but I am. Blech.

Where in the heck do you get a furminator? More importantly will you come apply the furminator to Puddin?

Janine said...

I've just looked up the furminator to see where I can get one in Australia. They're quite expensive but if they're as good as they seem I will be rapt - I have a ragdoll cat and a golden retriever, both of whom mainly live inside and drop hair everywhere. Brushing them both almost daily is a time-consuming business, so wish me luck on obtaining one of these tools.