Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Busy times . . .

Busy week. My kid's last day at school was Wednesday last week. Work was crazy with doing CPR training for 20 staff and getting everything set for the summer.

We had a big weekend with yard work and grocery shopping. My crazy schedule at work started this week. I have 76 school aged children in four different groups. I take them on 9 field trips weekly. I am out of the daycare every afternoon and all mornings but Wednesday. Wednesday is my morning to catch up on all the garbage at my desk and do any projects my boss may have for me. This morning was NUTS.

I enjoy my summer and I love taking the kids on field trips, but it is a lot of stress. Not only am I on the go constantly (which makes my days go quickly) but I am responsible for other people's children . . . in public and 4 days a week at a pool. It may sound fun, but I am on constant alert because they could be seriously injured at the pool, so it is by no means relaxing.

Monday morning I came home and found my refrigerator limping along. The old fridge has been on her last leg for at least 9 months. I knew the end was very near so we went appliance shopping. Ghastly. It sucked beyond belief. I was not able to make a decision to save my life and we were at Lowes so long I thought that they were going to ask us to leave and make sure we take our wild monkeys children with us and they would give us a fridge for free! Yes! They were that bad! We finally settled on one and got a killer deal because it was special order that was never picked up.

Today it rained and we weren't able to go to the park on a field trip, so I got a bunch done. I did staff orientation for 2 new staff, a First Aid review class, finished an entire project I was given and cleaned out my in-box. Whew. I worked my tookie off!

I needed something else to concentrate on tonight so I decided to make a new purse with Rae's fabulous pattern. The other one I made was increased 130% from the pattern and while I loved the fabric, it was a little too thin and the strap needed a little length. This time I made it with Rae's original measurements, but added 2 inches to the top of both the exterior and the lining so it was taller. I also made the handle much longer. I really need something to sling over my shoulder with my busy summer. It is perfect and I love it. I decided it need an embellishment so I made a flower and attached it with a button. Cute huh? (By the way, the fabric is a canvas that I got at WalMart for $1.50 a yard! Score! . . . and the hot pink was $1.77 a yard)

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Ruby Green said...

Great job. Love it.