Sunday, September 19, 2010

Services . . .

Just a few weeks ago I was saying that I could finally envision ourselves having Dustin living with us long term. While I can still see how it will get easier as the littles get older, and still have hope, boy it has been a rotten couple of weeks.

Services have started. Dustin goes with his mentor 3 days per week. He sees him for hours per week. That means he is out of the house on Monday, Thursday and Friday evenings. He attends a disability ministry at the church where I work on Tuesday evenings. I'm not gonna lie, it's been kind of nice enjoying our evening, and doing our bedtime routine with the littles without Dustin. I think it has been really good for the littles too.

I do think that it is causing some serious behavior issues with Dustin. I hope they will even themselves out. He is grouchy and foul at home. He is argumentative and disruptive. When he talks to us it is very disrespectful and just plain sassy. He is very defiant. I think this could be happening for several reasons. First, he is under constant line of sight supervision at home. I think that maybe he feels as though he is getting something over on us by leaving with his mentor. I must say that I was worried that his mentor would allow him to get away with things that we do not, however I am happy to report that this is not the case. (Woot!!) Which I think may be the second problem. While Dustin is always very excited while waiting for his mentor (like at 2:00 when he gets off the bus until the 7:00 visit time!) he always seems disappointed that they are not doing something he wantes to do. These visits are not strictly "for fun", they are supposed to be teaching skills whether it be social, personal, or independent living. He always comes home complaining that the mentor did not let him do something, which is always something we don't let him do! It makes me laugh (not in front of him!) and warms my heart that we are all on the same page. Thirdly, I think he is just simply hormonal! Ack!

I got a call from the wrap around services coordinator this past week who wants to meet and talk about things they can work on during their time together. I am at a loss. One of the things I thought they could work on is matching clothing. He has no concept of what goes together. I still pick his clothing every day. I thought they could use some time at the mall to match outfits. I also thought about maybe doing a little grocery store work. I figure when I need something I could send them a very detailed list and have them pick it up. I suppose this could even graduate to giving him a certain amount of money and figuring out what he can get with that amount and what has to be left behind. I would love to have him partner with some other clients they may have to build some relationships but I am not sure if that is possible.

Other than that I am at a loss. Any ideas for me??


Missy said...

Hormones. It turns the gentlest into monsters.

:)De said...

I think the matching outfits is a great idea. So many people don't realize that this is a skill that does not come easy for all. I was still matching my 16 yr olds clothes right up until he left.