Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Shooting stars . . .

I caught these on Pinterest too and decided that they were easy enough to make and I already had felt laying around begging to be sewn.

I think a few of these and a small metal bucket (or perhaps a painted coffee can) would be an adorable gift for my kiddos (shhhh! Don't tell them!)

All I did was cut out a bunch of large stars and a different color small star. I simply stitched the small star on the larger one and then sewed two large stars together leaving the edges raw, it is felt after all! I cut a bunch of ribbons and used a lighter on one end so that they would not fray. I stuffed 4 ribbons in each star while I was sewing them up. Leaving one point open, I used a funnel and filled the stars with rice and finished off the sewing. Adorable!

(The only thing I would do differently next time is leave the large stars as a square and trace the shape on them. I would then sew them and cut around the seem. Those little points got stuck in my machine quite often.)

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