Monday, March 14, 2011

Living Room . . .

This weekend I had to rearrange the living room. The sectional that we got a month or so ago only fit in one place until I moved the cable for the tv. It blocked the only window in that room that opens. I hated that. The dog hated that. She has taken to sitting on the top of my new sofa watching out the window. I HATE that. I am afraid she is going to ruin it.

Sunday, I decided it was time. Due to my OCD, when I decide it's time for something to happen, it must happen or it is constant running in my head. I moved everything out of the living room space yesterday with the exception of the armoire and the sectional. We have a very large and heavy armoire in there that has not been moved for years. It moved yesterday!

I had the opportunity to clean all the wood floor around the edges of the room that is not covered by the area rug! This made me terribly happy! (It's the little things) Everything in the room got a new placement. We have never had the TV on the eastern wall before so it seems so very weird, but it works. The windows are open, the sectional fits, and the dogs are happy. (that's all the truly matters!)

It did get me to thinking about recessed lighting. I would love to have some recessed lighting installed, but I have 12 ceilings. What do you think? Would that work? I would want something simple, but I am not sure it would work in my 120+ year old house.

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