Friday, March 11, 2011

Haircut! . . .

Harrison has been growing his hair out for about a year. It was getting kinda scraggly. His hair is babyfine and it just didn't look very good most of the time. Of course if I washed it, blew it dry and flat ironed it it was fine. But who has time for that with your 8 year old?? I asked if he would like a big kid haircut tonight and he agreed. I freaked out at first because it is NOT what I asked her to do, but I think it is cute.

What do you think?

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zunzun said...

I think he looks great (just older though but he's 8...he can look older!LOL)...I"m actually kind of envious...I have unrully wavy hair with some straigh sections and some curly ones and when I was younger I wanted a haircut like his...except...well...I ended up looking like a mop after my first shampoo...sigh...he looks good.