Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Too True Tuesday (8) . . .

Essie's Too True Tuesday topic is... a funny or embarrassing story where your kids have been the funny and you were the embarrassed.

This one didn't involve my kids, but funny nonetheless . . .

The set up:
I had a girl in my class whose parents raised Great Danes. Her father who had never been at our daycare brought one in one time for show - n- share. A boy from my co-workers class named Cameron was quite an ornery thing. This is the child that likes to pee on the toilet paper roll just to see it grow, and pee in the easel tray to fill it up. His father was quite concerned about his behavior, and dad was quite intimidating even to us as teachers. Nice man, but large and commanding. Here's how the show -n-share instance went.

The instance:
Haley's dog was LARGE. This back was about eye level with the children. Some smaller children were shorter than the dogs back. Cameron walked around the dog, stopping just in the rear of the dog. He bent over and looked under the dogs tail which was cropped. He moved to the side and looked under the dog. He then moved to the other side and looked once again under the dog.

The kicker:
He pops his head up, points at the dogs hoo-hoos and says . . .
"Hey! My dad's gots them!"

(wait for it. . . . )

"But they aren't that big!"

My co-worker and I lost it! We could never look at Cameron's dad again without thinking about the family jewels and their size relative to the dog. The dad who brought in the dog pretended like he didn't hear anything, but he was visibly embarrassed and so were we!


Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

Ya' know, I remember being shocked as a kid, that boy dogs just walked around with their junk hanging out! LOL! Somehow I thought they should be covered up.
Great Danes in particular, they have such short hair so nothing to cover it up and they are so big, likewise their junk is so big!!!!
Must have helped a lot to lessen the intimidation of that Dad!

Reighnie said...

OMG , that was hilarious!