Monday, November 09, 2009

Mondays suck . . .

Even though I hate Mondays, I must remember to be thankful that I actually have a job to go to. I am blessed to be working and doing a job I love. . .

This weekend was a jumble of craziness. Friday I decided to undertake a big project and it kicked my butt. Apparently I am getting too old and my body is letting me know. My dog, Cayenne, has decided that she must escape the backyard. Over the past few months she has began to eat her way through the gates of our 6 foot privacy fence. Initially I put plastic lattice over the bottom of the gates. That lasted about a month until she began to eat through the lattice. At the end of the summer I resorted to chicken wire. Our three gates now have layers of chewed fencing, lattice and chicken wire. It looks like hillbilly central. On Thruday she decimated one of the fence bottoms. There was nothing left to tack something on to. I decided Friday that I needed to get some new fence panels and simply fence over the worst gates and do away with them.

Once I get an idea in my head, I cannot let it go. I decided that not only did I need to do this, but it needed to be done right now. I refused to wait to hunt down someone with a truck and I headed over to Lowes. I bought 3 6x8 foot fence panels and strapped them down on the roof of my van. I love OCD! Now I really looked like the Clampets! I made my mom come over from work to help me strap them down since Lowes employees will help you get them on top, but will not help you strap them down for obvious reasons. We nearly pee-d our pants laughing at how ridiculous we must have looked! Hilarious!

I drove like 20 mph home and called Robert along the way informing him of the project that laid ahead! He was not amused. I only needed him to help me get them off the van, I could do the rest. He acquiesed and I began working at about 4:00pm Friday night. I got one panel down and a gate removed and the new fence put on before I ran out of light and my saw ran out of battery. The remaining gate waited until Saturday. Of course the remainder of the backyard had to be cleaned for winter and the patio stuff put away. I worked about 8 hours on Saturday. Dustin was super helpful and the weather was gorgeous! The kids got to play outside while I worked and Robert got some quiet time in the house for a project. It was win-win!

When I got done I collapsed in the chair and watched some tv. When I got up from the chair I realized I had overdone it. I could hardly walk! I am getting too old! Every joint in my body ached and my head was pounding! I did nothing for the rest of the day.

Sunday I got up and took the littles to a church I have been wanting to visit. The kids loved it and I did too. The pastor was real. The music was good and the people were super friendly. I think we are going to check it out for a few more weeks to see if this can be a new church home. I thought I had found a new church home last fall, but alas I was not comfortable there due to some information I was privvy too. I really wish I had not found out this information, but I did and it ruined it for me. I hope it is nothing and the church will be fine, but I just couldn't put myself there anymore. It is a good place, the pastor is a good man, and I hope this situation will not be it's downfall. Enough said.

After church my mom took the littles to her house for some playtime. Dustin and I laid around and watched football. He is hysterical. He knows nothing about football, but is learning. he calls allthe teams by the icons on their helmets. And any team that is blue must be the Colts. Cracks me up. I think he is doing so well because we took the FLIGHT out of the equation when we got the double keyed deadbolts. He knows running is no longer an option so he is working through his anger and his impulses. Either that or we have reached a new phase. . . whatever. I'll take the peace I get when I get it!


zunzun said...

I guess the dog figured that since Dustin was no longer running she should take over!

During our previous to last move (which came in handy during our last move) I realized that I could no longer do things without the following:

1. Stretching before I started (I felt like an idiot specially outside but I'm so over it)

2. knee pads, stools, gloves, etc. (appropriate tools for the job)

3. back brace...this one is now a must for me

and the hardest one for me:

4. pacing myself (I too feel like I MUST get something done once it's in my head to finish it)

Getting old sucks!LOL

marythemom said...

Sometimes I think you and I are in a weird parallel universe.

I have a dog that likes to chew her way out of the fence. We have half eaten boards, plastic lattice, and an old metal bedframe attached to it, and she still manages to get out. Our homeowner's association just cited us for the half eaten fence so my youngest son spent all afternoon putting on new boards.

I was inside putting on new door knobs with key locks on the pantry and the garage door so there is no way for anyone to sneak out or steal food. We're having more problems with food theft than kids running away.

I'm too lazy to do the tough stuff alone. I know I'm too old and fat to not have serious repercussions. I still remember not being able to move after having a garage sale with lots of furniture - and no help.

Mary in TX