Monday, April 06, 2009

Monday Mumbo-jumbo . . .

This weekend I took on a project that I was not prepared for. I tore up the floor of the dining room. It sucked. I got into it about 20 minutes and sat in the middle of the floor and cried. But, it is done and it is better.


Spring break is to Dustin like oil is to water. Holy mercy his behavior was of the charts. I would've gladly exchanged him for a meno-pausal hippopotamus doped up on ritalin and sporting a thong that is 4 sizes too small. It would've been calmer around my house . . . get the picture?


I had a fabulous late lunch at the Firefly Coffee House yesterday will a mom who "gets it" on so many levels! She is awesome and I love her company. I think this could be the beginning of a good friendship. I took McCartney and she drove me bonkers, and Jill rolled with the punches! Yay. I also saw my dear friend Peggy and her hubby there for the open house. For anyone in the Fort, drop by the Firefly and see some stuff from local artists that you can purchase. Not only will it support local artists, but you will get some FAB stuff for next to nothing!


Also, for anyone in the Fort, you MUST go check out House of Greens! Awesome food, great prices. It is my new favorite lunch destination, and oh-so-close to work!


Jo said...

It is going to be a long spring vacay. Some vacay. I would rather have a root canal. BUT, I am counting my blessings, we still have his afterschool program, so a couple of hrs a day of some peace.

Amber said...

I was thinking to myself...I didn't meet Sheri at the Firefly this week.
Again I's not ALL about ME. :0)

Sheri said...

I'd meet you at the Firefly anytime!