Tuesday, April 07, 2009

How bad can it be . . .

I seriously needed a haircut. My stylist only works at the place I go to two days a week. Tuesdays is one of them. I called early this morning to beg her to fit me in and thank heavens she had an open slot at 10:15. I am blessed to have a flexible work schedule most days and I took the time slot.

This salon is in a small town north of here and it only takes me about 15 minutes to get there from my work. I was expecting to be back in less than an hour. I sat in the chair, we discussed the annoying parts of my hair and she went to chopping. She disappears in the color closet and I say, "Oh, I didn't want a color today." She says, "Oh, well we are coloring it, it looks bad."

It's a good thing I adore her.

So today's question is, how bad does your hair have to look for you stylist to demand a color?

(So, I have the last pink in my hair until at least September. I swim way too much in the summer and the pool would turn pink if I colored it any more this season.)


Lisa said...

Gotta love her. You must post pics!

Jo said...

Nothing like someone you can trust to do your hair. I love my hair guy, too bad he costs so much I only see him two or three times a year.