Monday, January 26, 2009

Shoes! . . .

I did this "25 random things" doohickey on Facebook and said that "I love shoes".

This started me thinking about my love of shoes. It's not quite as bad as it used to be. When we moved into our house in 1999 I counted and I had well over 250 pairs of shoes. My feet grew with both pregnancies and I now wear about 2 sizes larger than I did then. I had to start over with the shoe collecting.

Since I have kids, I no longer have loads of money to spend on shoes so I rely on Goodwill and clearance. I LOVE to find odd shoes that no one else has, so this works marvelously!

I decided I would post pictures of some of my favorite shoes as I wear them . . . so today is this pair.

I just got these from Goodwill this last Friday. $2.00! Cute huh? I really should've worn something warmer today, it's 11 degrees, but I they're super comfy. You will also see that I hate socks, so you'll see plenty of white feet . . .

I have huge clod-hopper feet. These shoes are 9 1/2!

Check out that cute brown velvet bow. I usually don't do bows on shoes, but it is cute with the plaid tweed.


Virginia Janet said...

How sweet.!! That brown velvet bow on shoe is looking so cute.

Jo said...

I used to have teeny tiny feet, a size 5! Being pg has made me a seven to my sorrow. Love the shoes, they are cute and 2 bucks??? Who can beat that?