Monday, January 26, 2009

Oh no you didn't . . .

Yesterday my family was in Sam's Club. Robert desperately wanted to get out of the house. Christmas Eve he slipped on the ice and hurt his groin muscle. He re-injured it last week chasing Dustin. He went to the doctor on Tuesday and got some meds. By Saturday evening he was in so much pain I thought he was going to pass out. I called his doc and he sent Robert to the ER thinking he may have fractured his pelvis or hip. No breaks, thankfully, but got some good pain meds and a really good shot.

Anyway, on Sunday we went to Sam's Club and stuck Robert in a wheel chair since he is supposed to stay off his leg. I hadn't really thought it through and once we got there I realized Dustin would have to push the cart while I pushed Robert. Not a good thing. I spent the whole time cringing because he kept running into my heels because he had to stay behind me. When he wasn't injuring me he was chasing McCartney and Harrison around, shouting at them and trying to run them over with the cart. I kept my cool and reprimanded him quietly when needed. All in all it wasn't the worst trip we've ever made to Sam's Club. (And definitely not like Kari's last trip *smile*)

We made it all the way to the check lane without wailing and then Dustin clocked McCartney in the head with the handle of the cart. She began hollering and holding a badly purpled forehead. I walked over and told Dustin he would loose his slushie if he hurt his sister again. He began to wail. And wail. Mortified, I walked over and finished unloading the cart. A woman, I will refer to her as Hag, approached me and this was our exchange . . .

Hag: Every time I have seen you in this store, you have been giving this poor boy a hard time, you need to give him some space. (not kindly, but seriously foul)

Me: Ma'am (I wasn't too pissed yet ) My son has Fetal Alcohol Syndrome from his birth mother drinking while she was pregnant. He has no control over his actions unless I do it for him. You have no idea what he or I deal with on a daily basis. You really should mind your own business. (Now I'm getting pissed)

Hag: Oh! (looking shocked) I had no idea. He doesn't look retarded.

Me: No he doesn't seem handicapped but he is and that's why you shouldn't judge people that you see in public.

Hag: Well you looked like you wouldn't cut him a break, I mean he was crying and he is too old for that. I was trying to help.

Me: Well, it's so not your business if I was. You really shouldn't assume that just because my child looks normal that his behavior is because of my parenting. (Now I'm really pissed and banging my food on the conveyor belt)

Hag: Well, Well . . . (thinking of something to say) my mom was in an orphanage and was chained to a toilet.

Me: (incredulous at the crazy woman) Okay. You need to walk away and mind your own business.

Cashier: Man, some people are so rude.

Wow. I think my blood pressure was sky-high!


Lisa said...

Those well meaning old hags can drive me over the brink. Hateful old bag.

Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

what a shithead!
I live in fear of this happening to me. And when CPS comes, Genea will tell them whatever they want to hear.

Jo said...

Oh my gosh!! I think you handled it really well and gave her the education she needed. You are a braver soul than I, no way, no how am I taking the boy to Sam's Club!

Sheri said...

Been there done that Essie. CPS has come a'knockin' and Dustin gave them an earful. Nice.

Janie said...

ARE YOU SERIOUS? Someone actually approached you and told you how they thought you should parent your own child? I am way proud of you because you handled this in a much more dignified manner than I would have.

Amber said...

LOVE the title...Why do I feel that way often? :0)

Miz Kizzle said...

I think my new favorite saying is "My mom was in an orphanage and was chained to a toilet."