Wednesday, January 17, 2007

New medication . . .

The psych visit went great. The doc is putting him on the "mother of all anti-psychotics", chlozaril. I am happy that a change was made, happy that he listened, but concerned none-the-less because we are talking about a very seriuos medication. He had to get a blood draw done today and they will only give us 7 days of medication at a time. A blood draw must be done before we get another weeks worth. We will have this weekly blood draw continued for 6 months, then every other week for 6 months then we can go to once a month.

I hope that this will completely eliminate the hallucinations and allow him to function at a higher leve than he is currently. He has been given such a bum-deal in life and I hope that we will see a brighter future. I went from worried and frustrated to hopeful and positive in about one hours time. . . Maybe I need some new medication!

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