Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Drugs . . .

I will never complain about having to sign a book to get Sudafed again. It is ridiculous trying to get Chlozaril! First of all, our normal pharmacy doesn't even carry it. They told me it is too much trouble to do everything necessary to fill the script. The problem is, they didn't tell me this until 8:00pm tonight instead of 3:00 this afternoon when they knew this.

I went to pick up the script and the bloodwork that the hospital lab faxed over so that I could take it to another pharmacy and they initially refused to give it to me. Okay, let's see . . . you won't fill it, but you won't give it to me to get it filled elsewhere. Well, after hollering and nearly swearing I finally got my information and headed off to the other place.

The new pharmacy would fill it but had to make a call to a database first. They had to register my son with this national registry before they could fill it. The registry needed the bloodwork and other information. They will process it, call another place and verify the script and then they will call back to tell the pharmacy it is okay to fill it. Whew! I wonder how much it costs.

I'm still waiting to see if it will happen tonight. . . we'll see.

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jguido said...

can you email me privately and tell me your experiance with this .. our 14 yr daughter might be starting a trial with that soon.

jguido at guidofam (dot) com