Wednesday, August 30, 2006

School of hard knocks . . .

Dustin had a hard day at school yesterday. I knew that the transition to middle school would be difficult for Dustin since he is simply a 4 year old in an 11 year old body. He enjoys "baby" toys, likes to play with dolls, enjoys Dora and Little Einsteins. Beginning last school year with therapist and teacher's suggestions we began removing these things from his "world". It was difficult, at times I felt like a horrible person because that's what he was interested in. . . but I knew it was necessary to get him to "move on". Well, yesterday he came to me crying that he was being called names at school. . . wonderful names like "bitch", "gay" and the ever popular "baby".

We had a long talk about why these names were being used. For example. . . "Eleven year old boys don't like being touched by other boys, if you do this, they WILL call you gay" These talks were probably completely unproductive as they won't change his behavior much. Unlike a child who touches a stove and burns his hands then learns not to touch a stove, Dustin's brain is "broken". Dustin will continue to irritate his peers, cry and whine, and carry-on in class like a four year old. His Fetal Alcohol Syndrome makes him impulsive and eliminates the ability to see cause and effect, and his moderately handicapped mental status doesn't allow for the learning process to get very far. It's going to be a rough road. Hopefully, continual reinforcement of the rules and consequences will sink in . . . eventually. . . maybe, if we're lucky. Probably NOT.

I'm sad he has to travel this road. I'm sorry he is rejected by his peers. I know (hope) that things can be better if we just continue to plod along. Pray for my boy.

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FAScinated said...

I'm sorry he is already having a hard time in school this year. Other kids can be cruel and so can some adults.

Keep loving him the way he is, keep directing him and teaching him. It may not seem like it, but you are making a difference little by little. ~Kari