Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I'll never forget that sound . . .

Sunday we received a phone call from our wonderful neighbors that our dogs had gotten out of the fence. Our neighbor got Max (our little terrier mix) and I started to call for Cayenne. I was coming off the front porch when I heard . . . squeal . . .thunk thunk thunk . . . and then yelping. By the time I got to the street, Cayenne was running out from under a car. When I picked her up, she seemed ok . .. at this time she was still in shock. When I laid her on the porch, you could see a tire mark across the back side of her abdomen. Apparently she had been rolled completely over. I was HYSTERICAL. I was screaming and crying. Not very mom-like behavior.

My neighbor took us to the Emergency Animal Hospital. She came home with a probable fracture in her driver side front leg (LOL), several broken ribs, and very traumatized psyche. We choose to take her home with pain medication and antibiotics and let her rest there. About 12 hours later I was back at the hospital, I thought we were going to loose her. We had to admit her with fluid in her lungs. She was struggling the breathe and was shaking uncontrollably. Once again I was a mess.

When I picked her up Monday morning to transfer her to our vet's office, she was amazing. She actually walked in to the exam room and began jumping up on me. It is amazing how resilient animals can be after a night of pain meds and oxygen. I took her to my vet and they removed her IV line and sent her home to rest.

This morning she is doing well! She is using her front leg and acting completely normal. I am so glad she is okay. She is our hurricane Katrina dog, the best dog ever and I would've missed her terribly.

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