Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Almost rounding the home stretch ., . .

After 3 Chirstmas gatherings, too many kid's presents to put away, and a bazillion trips to the curb for trash pick-up, our Christmas season is just about over. One more party on New Years Day with my step-father's family, then it will be finito. I love Christmas, it's the reshuffling when it's over that stinks.

Thankfully, our household is almost well, Daddy is still hacking at night loud enough to wake the neighbors. The kids are definately better, and causing all sorts of turmoil, as toddlers do. I'm finally back to work. . . woohoo (she says unexcitedly)

My husband stuck with the easy gift . . . jewelry . . you gotta love that! I also stuck with easy . . .clothes. It's the only thing he will not buy himself, what choice do I have. We are much too poor this season for the beloved iPod he is lusting after, so that must wait. My 3 year okld son watches way too much television . . . he opened up a yo-yo at my mom's and said, "Wow, my very own Easy button!" That got a big laugh. Way too many staples commercials. He does however love the gift that we found out he wanted so badly on Thursday which daddy spent many hours and much gas trying to find. He finally found one at the mall that someone had aparently sat down and forgot about. . . a Bulls-eye Bouce and Roll. It must have been the last one in the city. He actually got accosted several times by others wanting to know if he was "going to buy that". Since then, we have been playing it's version of skee-ball. I just need cardboard pizza and tickets and I'll have my own Chuck E's.

The kids were fantastic. Even my adopted son Dustin had a wonderful couple of days. We have had a rough road lately with some juggling of the psychotropic meds, which is NEVER fun. He however is doing better.

Peace to all!


one4JC said...

Easy Button? Why does that not surprise me in the least bit? LOL

IT-Chick said...

Does he really want an iPod?
I can help you?