Monday, December 24, 2012

Silent Night is a pipe dream . . .

I didn't quite feel well when I left work on Friday evening.  By the time I got home I was shivering and found I was running a temperature of 103.  I have been sick since.  It has been a miserable Christmas weekend.  Our family Christmas was supposed to happen on Saturday and my siblings and steps siblings thankfully rescheduled for next weekend for me.  We cancelled Christmas Eve at our house that we usually spend with my mom, stepdad and brother.  We even cancelled the Christmas Day dinner that we planned on having at my mom's with just my family.  It has not been a banner year for Christmas around here.

Yesterday I thought I was on the upswing and hadn't fevered since early morning.  I woke up this morning and was fevering and it seems the plague is back with a vengeance.   I had promised the kids we would go see The Hobbit in 3D and I was going to make good on my promise even if I exposed everyone in that theater to my sickness.  Thankfully there was only 4 other people in the theater and I spread out on 3 seats and laid down. The worst part is that the Hubs is sick too and is about 12 hours behind me so he knows everything that is coming!

The 2 littles have been decent about helping out.  The most frustrating part is of course dealing with Dustin.  His impulse control is not easy to deal with on a good day, but being sick makes it doubly bad!   Add in the anticipation of the holiday, and he is absolutely bonky!  He has no compassion for anything someone else is dealing with.  He only thinks about himself and how what you are doing/feeling is affecting him and it is so very tiresome.  His brain is simply not wired to care about anyone other than himself.  I find it extremely hard to deal with.  He also fully aware that we are functioning at a small fraction of our ability and takes full advantage of that by trying to sneak around and get into anything and everything he knows he is not supposed to.   There is no resting in my household. The constant vigilance is tiring when you are well, you can imagine what it is like when you are sick.  Fetal Alcohol Syndrome sucks!


:)De said...

Merry Christmas! I pray you a super fast recovery.

Hedged in Beauty said...

Merry Christmas despite not feeling well... I really hope you're feeling better soon.

I got the gift of 1/2 a root canal... it's the gift that keeps giving. THROBBING OUCH!!!!! Root canal to be continued Jan 8th... thanks doc!

marythemom said...

Hope you are finally feeling better! You poor baby! Sending hugs and prayers!