Sunday, July 15, 2012

Quickie Loveseat with scraps . . .

I have been looking for something small and easily moved for the kid's television area in my house.  We had a loveseat there and it was disgusting so we purged it about 6 months ago.   I tried bean bags in that area, and even though I have refilled them 3 times, they were looking quite pitiful.  I liked having something that was easily thrown out of the way so that when the Wii was brought out they could play it without a big ol' issue. 

Last week, I was laying in bed in the middle of the night thinking about projects as I sometimes do and I remembered that we had an old toddler bed upstairs in the attic.  I knew I could rip it apart and Frankenstein something together.  I had some 2x4s and some 1x4s and left over paint.  Good as gold.
(not my photo, but same bed)
The toddler bed was easy to rip apart with allen wrenches.  I kept the metal slats and the mattress only.  The other plastic parts went in the recycling tub.

I decided I wanted the couch to sit a bit higher than the standard toddler bed so I marked 1 foot to the bottom of the 2x4 and drilled holes for the metal slats.  After adding arm rests and a back rest, I added some diagonal supports on the sides and a couple additional horizontal supports across the front and back. 

 (from the back you can easily slip a large basket for blankets and one deflated bean bag)
A bit of paint, a crib sheet and a few pillows and it is a great addition to the kid's area for almost nothing!

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Becky said...

I am. Soooo. Impressed! You have the market cornered on creativity! Seriously, someday you should own a "Trash to Treasure" shop filled with your handiwork!