Friday, September 16, 2011

Ham and Egg Cups . . .

Made these for dinner tonight, they are all over pinterest so I though I'd give them a try.

All you do is take thin sliced ham and fit it into a muffin tin that has been lightly greased. I sprayed mine with Canola oil. My ham was a bit thin so if there was a tear or a small hole, I just ripped another peice of ham into small bits and layered it on the bottom to "plug" the hole.

When the ham is all nestled in the muffin tins, crack an egg and pop them into the ham cup. I sprinkled with salt and pepper an added grated cheddar cheese on top of some. I also added green onions on a few others. I left a few plain in case the kids preferred those.

Here they are on their way to the oven . . .

They were yummy and the kids loved them! We ate a whole dozen! They called for 15 minutes in a 400 degree oven and the yolks were over done. Next time I will get them out a bit sooner to make the eggs dippers. But they were still yummy!

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