Monday, August 22, 2011

My kind of town, my kind of people . . .

I am sitting in the car coming back from a whirlwind trip to meet another trauma mama in Chicago for the weekend. It has been a much needed break from feeling so very alone. It was more needed than I knew.

This summer has been difficult. Dustin has run out more times than I care to think about. My injury to my leg has been pretty catastrophic to the remainder of my summer. Being immobile with a child like Dustin simply invites him to misbehave. A child who is under constant and total supervision around others is difficult at best, let alone when one adult is not able to get up and see what is going on. I had no idea how depleted my stores of positivity were.

On Saturday, I was having a texting conversation with a momma who understands what our family is like because she has lived it. She has been through hell and back. She has survived so I know it is possible. Corey placed up in the same home for next year’s Orlando retreat and we started emailing. Emails turned to texts, texts to phone calls. Phone calls turned to middle of the night blubbering sessions on my end when I was medicated and laid up on bed rest for two weeks. We have become closer than I thought possible with someone who I have never laid eyes on. Saturday that all changed.

Her family decided to take an impromptu trip to the Windy City and we decided that since it was midway between us we would join them for a quick overnight trip. We ran around and packed quickly while she searched for rooms on a very busy weekend in Chicago. We found a really nice place that was just about exactly half way between us a bit out of the city.

When I hugged her neck I felt like I was hugging a long lost sister. The best part was that I knew she understood my family. I was completely relaxed around my kids’ behaviors because I knew she understood. She was completely relaxed around my kids’ behaviors because she has dealt with the same things. Oddly enough, Dustin sensed that feeling of at ease and did really well. He really only had a couple of issues and of talking back and being difficult which are so minor in the scheme of everyday life that I could not truly ask for better. It was amazing! Her bio kids and m biokids got along swimmingly (and not just in the pool! Har Har!) The hubs both got along well, it was slightly miraculous. I do however think that sticking all the kids in the car with her hubs while we rode in my car with my hubs was not so welcomed and we likely won’t get away with that one again!

The best part of the weekend is when I called Dustin back to stay behind me. He said, “Mom! I am okay with Gala, she can handle me. She is just like you!” The look of defeat on his face was priceless. It was fabulous. I did not feel like I was sitting with a mom of perfect children who was judging my kids and their not-so-perfect behaviors. She was real. She got it. And she loved us anyway.

I am not sure you understand how priceless that is. I am not sure I understood how priceless that was until today. I am not certain that I can live the remainder of my life without her in it. I am thankful that I don’t have to.

(In the craziness I forgot to take my camera. These pics are from my phone, not too shabby!)


Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

Ah, Sheri, that is fantastic. I especially love that D said, "she's just like you" LOL!
I have 2 friends with adopted children here also courtesy of Corey. We all live in Green Bay but never would have met.

Kelley said...

I agree Sheri. Gala is truly special. I'm so glad you got to spend time with her and hug her neck! See you in Orlando :)

Tara - SanitySrchr said...

It sounds like an incredible visit! There's nothing better! :)