Thursday, August 11, 2011

Lessons . . .

Anyone who reads here regularly knows that I am a go-go-go kind of girl. I love projects and if something needs to be done I jump right in there and figure out a way to accomplish it. I love to figure things out, organize and step back and see the end of a project. I do not like sitting still.

This injury has taught me to be still. And it is killing me!

I am not able to do much of anything in the way of projects. This week I went back to work and I am able to do my desk work. Of course my field trip days are over as our supervisor has picked up my slack. (my tan is nearly gone!) I have been able to get some much neglected desk work done and I am helping with the enrollment for the new school year. But home is another story, I sit around and see so much that either needs done or could be done that it drives me crazy!

This week I did scoot on my knee-scooter and pull weeds while my husband did my favorite job of mowing the lawn. And last night we had to replace the handrail on our front porch steps. It was falling down and I needed it to get down the steps with one leg. I knocked it down and my hubby went to pick up materials to fix it. I sat on a little stool on the porch and ordered him around watched as he made a new rail. I did do a couple cuts of the circular saw since he was not understanding what I was saying. I drilled a few holes, but it was not the same. These kinds of things are usually MY projects and I didn't get to do it! Boo!

I guess God is trying to teach my patience and to learn to rest. I am apparently not a good listener! My kids are also learning to be helpful and dilligent in cleaning up after themselves. They have always done what they were asked, but they have never been very good about putting things away when they are done. They are learning that that behavior makes for more work in the long run and when mommy is not around to do it for you it takes effort. That is a good life lesson.

Last night my husband said, "You need to get better soon. I am starting to see things that need to be done and take care of them! " LOL I think he is finally understanding all I do around the house and he is getting good at learning to multi-task.

We are all learning lessons. The biggest lesson I learned is that I am not 16 anymore and I don't bounce as well as I once did!

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