Friday, August 05, 2011

Holy Rage Batman . . .

Dustin has had one heck of a day. He has threatened to run out about 8 times today. How is that different from any other day you ask? These were all done while we were out in public. He has only ran twice in public. Once years ago in the Big Lots parking lot and once at Kmart about a year ago. The one a Kmart was horrific and included a call to the police.

Each time today we were able to thwart his forward progress, but he knows I am disabled right now with one working leg and I think he is taking advantage of it. Boo. I also think he is becoming more excited about going back to school (he prefers it to staying home and likes the routine) and is testing some boundaries. We also kept the kids home from daycare today so we could register them for school. It was a perfect storm for Dustin and I hope it goes better this weekend. I cannot take much more running out!

On a good note, I was out for about 6 hours today and I did pretty good! I had been worried about my endurance since I have been laying around and sleeping off pain meds for 2 weeks, but I did okay. I came home, took pain meds and crashed for hours, but it was a good day as far as my leg was concerned.

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