Friday, June 03, 2011

Perspective . . .

It's all about perspective. I have a friend who is going through some mighty difficult things right now. It puts all the running that "underwear boy" does in perspective. It's rough, life altering stuff. I just have to phone the police, be embarrassed and do some chasing. It's all about perspective.

I read a blog post today from a momma who has a medically fragile child who is on a ventilator. They were getting ice cream yesterday and someone asked her "What's wrong with her?". She was angry that someone could be that rude. Of course there is nothing "wrong" with her child, but this lady was asking about her difficulties and why she is in a wheelchair hooked up to tubes and wires. There should've been a better way to ask without being so blunt. It might be easy for me to tell this mom to CHILL and get over it she will likely get this more than once, but I am not in her position. It is all about perspective.

In the same frame, it would be easy for her to tell me to CHILL about the running out that "underwear boy" does because at least my child can run and play and breath on his own. It's all about perspective.

Funny thing is, I always thought I would prefer my child to have a visible disability so people would know something is "wrong" with him or different about him, but perhaps that would change my perspective and I would like a hidden one.

Who knows? We have to live with what we are dealt with. It does make it easier to read about other people perspectives and take a look at our own positives and negatives and how they fit into the world around us. This makes us better people, more compassionate and willing to help others. This is what blogging and reading other blogs does for me.

For that I am thankful.

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Kelly said...

Great post. So very true and I certainly need that reminder.