Monday, April 11, 2011

Three in two . . .

I just got off the phone with a mom I have never met face to face. She has a little one that has been diagnosed with FAS. This is ALL NEW territory for her. She needed someone to talk to who gets it. Someone who lives it. It was a joy talking to her.

This is the third mom that I have spoken to in two weeks time that needed a connection. This is a hard life!

She needed to here that we are not alone.

It is amazing how similar her child is to mine. He is a little guy. He is showing the same behaviors that Dustin did when he came to our home. After we talked for a bit, she said, "We have a long road ahead of us don't we." I said, "Yes. Yes you do." That is a sad thing. But us Trauma Momma's have one another as long as we use each other as a resource we will get through. I tried to share some strategies and some ideas with her. I explained that what works today may not work tomorrow.

We also talked a bit about how our perceptions of others has changed. It is amazing that once you live with a child that has a hidden disability how you change that judgmental attitude that you may have had for other parents in the past.

What advice would you have for a mom that recently got the FAS diagnosis?

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:)De said...

One of the first articles I read shortly after we received the diagnosis was called, "The Visible Kid with the Invisible Disability" (I just googled it to find the exact name) It was a very helpful article at the time and discribed my kid to a T.

Hook up with as much support from other Trauma Momma's as you can. During the early years, no one was talking about it and I spent so many years alone in my little slice of hell.

Peace to you both