Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Seriously . . .

The last hour in my house has been horrid. The littles are sleeping. I am in my PJs. I made my rocking Chicken and Dumplings tonight. The dishes are done from dinner. We are watching DVR programs that were recorded while we were on our wonderful vacation.

So why has it been horrid?

Dustin is sitting in the chair across from my spot on the couch. He is driving me nuts!

D: "Mom, can I have a snack?"
M: "You just ate. No more tonight."
D: slapping his hands on the chair arms in a crazy rhythm.
M: "Please stop. You know that bothers me."
D: looks directly in my eyes and does it twice more.
M: staring at him
D: "Sorry Mom" followed immediately by hitting his heels on the floor in the same rhythm.
M: staring
D: "Sorry, I'll stop."
M: looking away at the TV
D:patting his chest for the dog to come to him (he is not allowed to have the animals)
M: "I hear you"
D: "What?? I didn't do anything" begins staring at me and still patting for the dog
M: "Seriously?"
D: "I'm hungry and you won't let me eat!"
M: ignoring
D: "You hate me!" begins playing rhythm on the chair louder and harder
M: "Nope, don't like your behavior."
D: 30 seconds pass. "Mom I love you. You're the best mom ever"
M: "I love you too. Please stop being difficult"
D: Staring in my face and banging his head on the back of the chair.
M: ignoring
D: Making fart noises while smacking his elbows.
M: ignoring
D: "Why won't you let me eat??"

This was rapid fire. This is the reason I nearly lose my cool every now and then. I can hardly take it! ARGHHHHHHHH!!

Okay, I feel better now! :)

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GB's Mom said...

Glad you feel better now :) Some days, they can drive you straight past sanity!