Friday, April 08, 2011

FAS in paradise . . .

I have been talking a lot about Dustin doing well this vacation. I want to clarify what "well" means. To us, anything that does not require a physical restraint (a hold) or drives me so insane that I want to jump off the nearest bridge as "well". He is still non-complaint to the extent that parents with "typical" kids would be over their limit. He is still impulsive to the extent that if he thinks about doing something he is doing it before he is able to process the consequences of the actions (If he is even able to see the consequences, which is next to never). He is still overly obsessed with "fishing" to the point of wielding 2 nets in the water and walking up the shore and down the shore talking to himself about catching fish (I call him the "net ninja"). He is still talking CONSTANTLY to the point of wanting to poke your own ears out with a stick. He is still indecisive too the point of wanting to toss him over the drawbridge at John's Pass.

All of those things are something that we deal with on a daily basis. They are minimal in comparison to the wango-tango that we could be dealing with away from home. He is not running. He is not too obsessed with food and he is not melting down. He will likely save all that for home and this next week will be our punishment for all the fun things we did this week. But I will be more prepared to deal with that in my own element at home!

My least favorite behavior that I have dealt with this week is the nagging. It begins the second we get up in the morning when he starts in about going to grandma's. As soon as we get to grandma's he is nagging about leaving for the beach. We are not at the beach more than 20 minutes when he begins to nag about going back to the condo's pool. As soon as the pool time is over he begins to nag about dinner and hunting for lizards. Oh. My. Word. I can barely stand it. I ignore it for as long as I can then I blow my top and tell him to HUSH. He usually walks away from me grumbling about me.

All in all I couldn't have asked for a better vacation. This is the best we we have had so far. I think I owe that to the littles being able to sleep at Grandma's (nannie's) condo and him having some one on one down time. I am so very grateful.


GB's Mom said...

Whatever it takes to make it successful! And I knew just what you meant when you said Dustin was doing well {{{Hugs}}}

Kathleen Benckendorf said...

yay for you guys! And it's all relative, as we all know.

Missy said...

I completely understand "well."
I have one who is doing "well" considering everything that has happened this week.
She has let go of my leg and allowed me to walk at least 25 feet away before screaming!