Thursday, April 07, 2011

Day 6 (Sunset Beach) . . .

Today we drove back to Sunset Beach to do some shell hunting. (it's only about 10 minutes south of where we are) It was gorgeous! We walked the beach looking for shells and saw tons of dolphins. Dustin has amped up with the constant chatter. I am pleased he is fairly compliant, as long as I find things to keep him busy with (far away from me) he is better. It was a beautiful morning . . . now for the pictures. . . .

Daddy and daughter walking the beach.

Nannie and McCartney with their feet being buried by the waves.

Harrison and Daddy

Looking for fish AGAIN. (whatever keeps him occupied!)



GB's Mom said...

Love that hat! The beach is such a good place to be :)

zunzun said...

You see those rock you took a picture on...I once ran barefooted jumping from rock to rock yelling like a madwoman for my friends (this was in High School) to get out of the water. Why?

Well...see that dolphin fin (or wathever it's called) sticking out of the water on the pic you posted...I saw one too and thought it was a shark.

yeah..those two pictures brought back that memory and the one of everyone doubled over laughing at me 'cause I couldn't tell the difference!LOL It's funny now I guess...I still think "shark!" when I see them though!LOL

Thanks for posting the pictures...I've loved seeing the ocean and the pictures are great.