Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Day 3 . . .

Seriously. I should know better. I just told you how well Dustin was doing and today . . . well, today . . . sucked. By the upside is that when it sucks in paradise, you are STILL in paradise! We spent the entire day Monday at the beach. It was very windy since a storm was blowing in and the waves were awesome. The kids had a blast playing in the waves and building sandcastles.

Dustin drove me nuts. He was VERY impulsive and VERY indecisive. Here's an example: Dustin: Can I have a sandwich? Me: We have bologna. Dustin: Ok, can I have one. Me: Sure. Dustin: I don't want a stinkin' balogna sandwich!! and then he would take off running to the water saying fowl things to me. This lasted ALL day. I just got to the point where I was pointing at him to go back to the water as soon as he headed in my direction. He spent most of the day wandering up and down the beach mumbling to himself and yelling at his siblings that they just scared away the fish he was trying to catch. He was not a whole lot of fun to be around. But once again, how can you have a bad day sitting on the beach?

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zunzun said...

"the upside is that when it sucks in paradise, you are STILL in paradise!" LOL! So true, so true! It looks so inviting too!