Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Choosing . . .

Obviously it has been a little rough around these parts lately. Last night Harrison had a meltdown at the book fair at daycare. It was ugly. He was tired because he did not sleep well Sunday night. McCartney was grouchy and angry. I took a step back and realized the stress in the house is affecting us all.

I need to be the adult and pull on by big girl panties. I HAVE to make this change. This morning was good. The kids all slept well and they were pretty pleasant. I changed my attitude this morning and things went much more smoothly.

I know that sometimes it's hard to live with kids like ours. I know it gets to us. We have to cut ourselves some slack, but the time comes when it is our job to change it up. Today was my time.

Will tonight be good? Who knows.

Will I do my darnedest to make it better by changing ME? Yes. Because we all know I can't change him.

I can only control myself.


GB's Mom said...

Wishing you a good week. Sometimes it sucks to be the one that has to put on the big girl panties :(

Kari said...


And it isn't easy.

:)De said...

...but sometimes don't cha wanna take your big girl panties and hang somebody up by them? ROFL! I'm just saying...

Wishing you a better day and week.