Tuesday, February 08, 2011

My worst enemy . . .

If you use that little search tab up there on the left, and entered in the word "strep" I bet you would find a whole bunch of entries. I would be willing to bet that there were lots of complaining. You would find that I have a history of being a strep carrier. I get strep easily and heartily! It takes a couple doses of antibiotics to knock it out. My mom and my daughter are carriers as well. You would find that I have suffered from kidney failure due to strep remaining in my body for long periods of time. You would see that my daughter has had issues with strep induced arthritis. You would also see that we deal with Fifth's disease and Scarletina due to strep.

You may even see that I have had issues before with "strep nodes". I get small knots under my skin, usually my arms and calves, that are initially the size of marbles. They can get very large and actually be visible if left to go too long. One time it took me 18 months to get rid of them and once it took about 10 months.

All this is say . . . THEY ARE BACK! If you were anywhere near the tri-state area you may just have heard me scream! (Essie, did you hear me? De?) I got the doctor to call me out a script for prednisone and hopefully this works quickly this time. It is early. I don't have any in my legs, but about a dozen over both forearms. I am also gonna dose myself up with some of my natural remedies to rid my body of strep.

Pray this works. If not, look forward to some pictures this summer of Bumpy Sheri.


FosterAbba said...

Oh no. It sounds miserable! I hope the medications work quickly.

Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

Good crap that was you????


:)De said...

That sounds painful. Do they come to a head like a boil or do they just stay under the skin?