Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Crapfest . . .

The crap has hit the fan at Chez Rouse. I am not sure if it is combo of birthday/full moon or simply karma for something very bad I did in my twenties finally coming around to get me, but it was been a week from hell. Let's tick it off shall we:

- Dustin is seriously off kilter.

- I hurt my back on Saturday very badly and went to the clinic. Got some good meds and also I believe I got a very bad sinus infection that I brought home to Robert and I. I have been down for the count since Sunday early morning.

- The stuff coming out of my nose should be outlawed. Even the NetiPot refuses to take care of it!

- Dustin's constant chatter has amped up to a new level . . . I shall call it intense times eleventy.

- more snow, which meant yesterday's sick day turned into family snow day. Boo.

Suck fest.

1 comment:

TLC4evah said...

I'm sorry Sheri.

Look on the bright side... you still have your sense of humor. I laughed at your vivid description of your crappy week.