Friday, January 07, 2011

Canvas People and Shutterfly a cautionary tale . . .

Okay, so remember my post about The Canvas People, I wanted to tell you that the very same day I posted this, my mom called and said she had received ANOTHER canvas. Apparently, when Canvas People got my complaint via email, they sent another canvas to her. Great, you may say. Boo, I say. Why? This canvas was not shipped in the box like the other two, with protective paper, plastic sleeve, instructions for hanging and hardware, it was shoved in a large manila envelope. Because of the cold, shipping etc the frame of the canvas was all whopper-jawed and split.

If they would've responded to my initial email I would've told them I received the first canvas and they could've kept their crappy attempt at sending a replacement.


On another note, I have been NOTHING but pleased with Shutterfly. I organized a photobook for my step-dad's family to give to the grandparents this New Year's Day. I thought it would be something they both would enjoy and treasure. I had never use Shutterfly before and I would very highly recommend them. The book was easy to lay out, uploads were fast, the directions were clear and precise. The options for customizing were many and beautiful. The book was relatively inexpensive with some coupon codes and I got a great deal for the quality of the finished product. They delivered the product quickly and it was fabulous!

The only problem we had is that when we gave it to them, everyone began passing it around and looking at it. After about 6 people the binding began to split and the perforated pages began to pull away. About 5 pages were coming out of the binding. I emailed them yesterday along with a crappy phone photo of the pages. They responded within 12 hours and assured me that another photobook was already in production and would be mailed to me asap.

Now that is what I call customer service! Kudos to Shutterfly!

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I need you to email some people for me! LOL