Saturday, November 13, 2010

Thankful Day 13 . . .

Today I am thankful for Lowes!

I went there this afternoon and got new knobs for McCartney's dresser and desk I got on Craigslist forever ago that had a few missing. I was tired of trying to pry open the drawers that were lacking the knobs. I got some pretty pink porcelain ones for 85 cents each! Awesome when I needed 15! I had to get a large box of 3 inch knob screws because her furniture is freaky heavy and thick. I also bought a 2x4 to fix a door jamb so that I could replace the door that goes between the laundry room and the kitchen. I put a curtain up there about 2 years ago, but I missed my cool old door, especially in the winter months. I also got 2 puck lights for under our ONE bank of upper cabinets (remember we live in a 120 year old house). My old lightbar died last week and I thought I could live without the lights, but I was wrong. I got a pair on clearance and they look fab!

Three projects down for a mere $30.

Woot! Lowes!


GB's Mom said...

Can't beat that!

Charlene said...

Hardware stores are such interesting places to shop for lots of things.