Saturday, October 23, 2010

SUPER impromtu sewing woman . . .

This week I caught the craft bug. I decided my kids needed some cute Halloween bags. I mentioned it to a co-worker who also has 3 kids. She said slyly, "If you want, you could make doubles and I will pay you." So I got to work making some cute Halloween bags. I went to JoAnns, which I always kick myself for. Our local JoAnn is not a pleasant experience. They are slow, rude and never have what I want. I got some fabric that was 50% and some felt and headed home. While they are not what I had in mind, they are super cute! I made 6 bags (lined) with 4 yard of fabric. Woot! I only have two really small scraps left.

The boys got bats cut out of felt and sewed on, and the girls got pumpkins.

Here's the lining. Is the squiggle fabric cute or what?

I took the bags to work on Friday and showed them off. This is when another co-worker asked if I could make her grand-daughter a girly-girl cape. I tend to get excited about sewing off and on and the bags made me want to sew so of course I said I would. I headed to a different local fabric store (Hancock I love you!) and remembered why I hate JoAnns! Their Halloween fabric was MUCH cuter and was 75% off! Agh! I bought 3 yards of flannel to go with some leftovers at home. I wanted to make the capes double sided. Once again I used felt for the letters and a little velcro closure so they wouldn't get choked. She has 2 grandsons also (one is just a mere infant but needs a cape too!) and thus the following three capes were born!

Modeled by my son still in his jammies and with some SUPER bedhead!

(pardon the crappy lighting pictures, I am headed to a wedding and wanted to get this done before the capes fly off to their owners!)


Missy said...

OMG! I love the bags and LOVE the capes!

Charlene said...

Those are very nice!

I once had the sewing bug. Much like the domestic bug, it passed. SMILE