Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Spanking in school . . .

There has been an incident in town that involves a special needs child and an alleged spanking. The other stations in town are reporting that he had his pants taken down in the classroom with the other children present.

This makes me ill on so many levels, but what stirs me up the most is the asinine comments that the articles are receiving on the television stations websites. I broke the comments down into categories for you.

1. I was whooped in school and I turned out ok.
2. Buy the teacher a beer, he didn't deserve to be treated like that.
3. Special needs or not he should behave.
4. If it was my kid, I would be mad, that is a parent's job.
5. That's what's wrong with society, we need to spank more.
6. Special needs my ass, his parents use that as an excuse.
7. Why is he in a class of normal kids?
8. It's in a bad neighborhood, the kids was probably deserving.
9. If the parents did their job he wouldn't need to be spanked.
10. It's probably a single welfare mom.

My blood pressure is off the c harts right now. Seriously. I makes me physically sick that people not only think those things, but voice them. Half of these people had a name attached to their comment. Seriously, I would hide in a hole if I said half this stuff. For flipping out loud!

Ignorant buffoons. With a few exceptions, maybe 10 of the comments, people were okay with this child being spanked . . . by someone who is not their parent . . .some even said the marks were not a big deal. Probably half said that CPS needs to mind their own business.

Holy Lord. What kind of country do I live in?

I would wager to guess that all these people would freak the heck out if it was their child who came home "walking funny" with marks on their butt. I think a few of these people would threaten bodily harm to someone who pulled their child's pants down in the class in front of the other children.

Now, I don't know if this really happened or not. It is still being investigated. I am certain that the other children will tell the true story. What I have issue with is the reactions of these people.

One person said, "If their special needs why are the even with kids who are not special needs." O. M. G. You did not just say that?!


What is your take on this?


Missy said...

Special Needs has nothing to do with this criminal act. Wait, actually it does. I do think that makes it worse. Who does such a thing?

Kari said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again...Ignorance and judgment are among our country's most abundant renewable resources.


Linda up north said...

Yeah...what Kari said.
Plainly the majority of people who make these on line comments have NEVER dealt with a special needs child. Please just stay away from my kids you ignorant morons.

Lisa said...

Hmmmm....I guess this will probably be one of those stories where lots is talked about it at first, since it's so shocking, but then we'll never hear what actually happened (and I'm praying it wasn't what has been reported so far) or what the outcome ends up being. That said, I think the commenters are beyond ignorant. I would never feel my child was safe again in a community that looks down on special needs children or blames the parents for not beating compliance into these kids. Also, the fact that people think it's okay for a teacher to assault a child like this, well, it's crazy. Those same people would be suing the school district if their little angel came home with marks on their butts.

Miz Kizzle said...

Spanking is wrong it is abusive and it only teaches that might makes right..It makes kids angry, resentful and fearful. Those aren't emotions that I would want anyone I loved to experience. How would some of the pre-spanking advocates feel if their spouse came home and hit them? And for those who used the moldy old "spare the rod and spoil the child" Bible quote to defend their lack of self control, they don't understand the reference. The "rod" in question wasn't a stick to whap the tar out of naughty children but a tool that shepherds used to gently direct their flocks. Ignorant people who quote the Bible in order to back up their (usually) erroneous ideas should be aware that the Bible also condones stoning people to death and animal sacrifice. In short, the Bible is a historical document that it not always relevant to the modern world. There are many errors through centuries of mistranslations and it shouldn't alway be taken as the last word on right and wrong.
Lastly, I never, ever spanked, slapped or otherwise struck my three children. The thought of hitting someone I love makes me sick. They all turned out to be wonderful, confident, kind-hearted people.