Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Relative . . .

So, this morning I am just getting into a work and I get a call from a friend that brings me to my knees. She is going through some REALLY tough stuff. Life changing stuff. Stuff that makes my little boo-hooey in the shower seem like spilled milk. Life is hard. Life is not fair. Life just plain sucks sometimes.

The biggest gut punch in the conversation was when I said that her issues make my pity party seem so insignificant and that I felt bad for complaining and her gracious self said, "Honey it's all relative." Her kindness to me, in the midst of her problem, reminded me why I blog. . . I meet people like this.

I think I am going to spend part of my lunch in the sanctuary (in the building I work in) on my knees for her and all the moms out there like her today.

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GB's Mom said...

It is always an eye-opener when you realize as tough as your life is, there is always somebody who has it tougher. {{{Hugs}}}