Sunday, August 15, 2010

Saturday . . .

I can't even begin to explain the ugliness that ensued after Dustin's outing yesterday. He is U.G.L.Y. While he was there he was pretty good, but I got the RAD treatment later. Ugh! We have not had to restrain for months, yet I have had to restrain every day for 5 days. At this point I think he may be needing the connection due to school starting soon and he is doing things he knows will get him restrained.

On to happier things . . .

Harrison got his first pet last night. He got an adorable, male, pearly pied cockatiel. He named him Sargent Pepper . . . how appropriate is that? He was hand fed by his breeder, but she said he was not very hand tamed. I brought him home and trimmed his nails and clipped his wings. He took immediately to Harrison and they are both doing really well. He has yet to eat very much, but I am not too concerned yet as he is pretty traumatized.

Robert got me a cockatiel for our first Christmas together. I was pissed. I didn't want a stupid bird! But that bird, Elvis, was the best pet ever and I miss her (yes, we misjudged her sex early) terribly. I am thrilled to have another cockatiel in the house and I know that Sargent and Harrison will be fast friends!

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Kari said...

Sorry that you are dealing with the ugly stuff. Love your pet names though!