Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I am beautiful . . .

Mom in the Trench gave lil' ol' me and award! She rocks doing the hard work all of us with special needs kids do. I love her faith and her honesty. Is it funny that I get truly honored to receive this kind of stuff? I am easy to please! :)

She did mention that I need to blog more and she is right. I go through my blogging rut about this time of year. Dustin has been Dustin this summer. We have our ups and our downs. How many times can I blog that he ran out yet again in his underwear at midnight? He did the other night again. Robert chased him because I refused. He got in the van on the first request, so that is good. But, I did see him cross our busy street without looking, dashing from between 2 cars and just in front of a car heading down our street. Sigh.

So anyway, I write lots of blog entries and delete them thinking that I will spare you my drivel, but I suppose I read enough drivel from the rest of you that I should just post it! *snicker* So, if you don't want to read this, blame Mom in the Trench! :)

Dustin's respite and mentoring hours just got approved through the state, so supposedly they are starting this next week. I don't want to sound jaded, but I'll believe it when they come take him. I shouldn't complain because we FINALLY get something! I just get so tired of promises to it to start and then hold-ups.

This weekend we have our 25th Anniversary Celebration at the daycare I work. I decided to throw this celebration for all of our "old" families and previous staff members. Our director (my mother) didn't want to do it, so I petitioned our board members and they approved it behind her back. I wanted it to be a surprise, but my step-father told her about it. She is happy that she doesn't have to do any work for it, but now I am freaking out that no one will come! I have cake and cookies and punch for 400 people so I may be eating cake for some time. . . We are also having a moonwalk and face painting, so it will be really sad if I have to jump in the moonwalk myself with tiger stripes on my sweaty face.

Anyhoo, Dustin's facilitator told me that her organization is having a carnival on Saturday. I told her about the anniversary and that we wouldn't be able to come. She said I should bring Dustin to her and drop him off. I asked if he would be shadowed and she said, "I'll be there. He'll be fine." Oh how sweet it would be if he wasn't driving me bonkers at my celebration! She has no idea what she is getting into. This will be he first outing with Dustin and it includes, inflatables, lunch, sno-cones and cotton candy. . . for FIVE HOURS. Remember that this is the lady who said she cannot believe he is bad enough to qualify for this program . . . Muahahaha! I am sooooo dropping him off to her for the full 5 hours. I cannot wait to pick him up and see her a sweaty, disheveled mess after dealing with Dustin all day! Tee Hee!

You're all beautiful to me! I was just joking about your drivel . . . mostly! *smooch*

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