Saturday, August 07, 2010

Bad blogger . . .

I've been one sucky blogger this summer. I have one more week of field trips, but all combined I will have gone on about 90 field trips this summer with the schoolage kids. That's a freaking lot of driving, herding, hollering, paying, swimming, etc! So forgive my absence, please.

Dustin has had a pretty decent couple of weeks. Other than that annoying constant chatter that makes me want to stick white hot toothpicks in my ears, we've had some pretty nice days. I hope the transition to school in a couple weeks goes well. He has been driving me nuts about school, so he is at least looking forward to it.

The two littles have enjoyed their summer. Harrison chose to be in the group with the children who newly finished kindergarten this summer (we split the kids into 4 age groups for the summer program) and has really enjoyed it. He got to be a leader and a helper. There were some difficult boys in the group he would've been in and he wanted to avoid them. (oddly enough, the 2 worst ones have FAS) I was proud he chose to switch groups, and really pleased he recognized why. He has done really well! He is incredibly intelligent, but has always been a little emotionally immature so it has worked well. McCartney has had a great summer as well.

This week I have an appointment for a new tattoo and I am incredibly excited. I decided I needed to commemorate being 40. The only other tattoo I have is for the kids ( three cherry blossoms ) and this one is for God and my hubby together. I promise to post pictures.

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Kari said...

Can't wait to see the tattoo pictures!!