Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Busy mama . . .

I am one busy mama! Things are crazy around here as we cruise into the second month of summer. My summer program at the daycare is in full swing and I am doing 9 field trips each week. This week for instance I am going to a pottery place to paint tiles with the kiddos (a different group each day) and then the pool in the afternoons on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday mornings. On Wednesday we did our rotating trip with one group, this 4 week period is Zestos, a local ice cream place. It is FUN, but it is sooooo tiring! My days fly by and I still have some desk work to do the hour before each trip, the hour at lunch and the hour after the pools, so it is full to the brim!

Dustin is doing okay. Last week he had special needs VBS at a large church so we had something to look forward to and also to threaten with. It sometimes works when he has something he cares about. . . not always, but sometimes. We also increased one of his meds (abilify) last week so I am holding out hope this will help things around here. He has not ran, a couple times he has made threats about it, but he has resisted for the most part.

We are having an adventure this holiday weekend so I look forward to that!