Wednesday, May 05, 2010

A new day . . .

Today Dustin did not go to school. He had a field trip downtown at our local baseball stadium. There is not a game, they were going to see the stadium and then to Dairy Queen. The officer last night suggested that he not go anywhere in public for a while as a punishment, but also as a precaution. I immediately thought of the field trip.

Robert called the school this morning and spoke to Dustin's TOR (teacher of record). Robert explained what had happened last night and suggested that he be held back at school with his paraprofessional instead of accompanying them on the field trip. He agreed, but said that there would be no one else there and when his para took her breaks ( she works 5 hours and gets 2 breaks) he would be alone. He suggested he stay at home and Robert agreed.

Here's to hoping he doesn't take off today!

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