Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Cute Project . . .

I know I have yet to upload some Florida pictures, but my computer (Doris) has been feeling a little under the weather. She had a problem while on vaacation and she just returned from the spa today. Oh, how I missed her!

I have offered help with my kid's elementary school's staff appreciation week. After talking to the PTA president last night, I found that there is very little budget. I am used to working with little budget working in childcare for the last 20 years and I put my little mind to work.

I have a bunch of cool arts and crafts projects stored in my Google Reader under the starred function. I pulled out a post from Obsessively Stitching that I knew would be easy peasy lemon squeezy and best of all CHEAP! Her idea was to use pool noodles from the dollar store to make little straw floaters for her daughter's birthday party. I adapted it to make cutesy pencils for the teachers. Check them out!

Pool noodles from the dollar store. I bought pink, blue and yellow. You have to buy the wavy ones.

McCartney helped me cut them. We just used a steak knife and a little sawing motion. Won't say it cut like butter, but it wasn't hard.

Cute little flowers.

Whole mess of flowers from 3 noodles.

Then you stick the knife through the top of one petal and just pierce the bottom of the middle hole.

Poke the pencil through the flower and VOILA! Cutesy flower pencils!

I made 80 pencils and spent $7 and I still have enough flowers cut outs to use for something else. Hmmmm, what to do, what to do. I may make Obsessively Stitching's flower garland. . .

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