Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Slacker . . .

I am a super blog slacker.

I was sick for about 2/3 of February and I am trying to catch up with my life. How about some bullet points:

- McCartney got the most adorable haircut. It is stacked in the back and tapered down to the front. I was so tired of scraggly hair that looked fabulous if it was brushed, but about 3 minutes later it looked like poo. She loves it and that is a good thing.

- I spent hours Sunday cleaning up 3 months worth of winter dog poop. yum.

- Dustin is doing okay. He is still not able to be more than 3 feet from us, but for now he is not throwing too many fits. I am afraid of spring and that it will bring back the running away. I am going to have to get over this and just deal.

- We are going to Florida. Woot. I am afraid Dustin will run while we are there. I am going to have to get over this as well. I am not going to spend my vacation fretting over this. Our condo is about 20 feet from the intercoastal waterway. He loves water. I truly hope the thought of sharks in the water will keep him from running out and to the water every 5 minutes.

- Dustin turned 15. 15. How did that happen? I wished for no more whining when he blew out the candles, but I got nothin'.

- I really hate teenage-text-type. I hatee the doublee letterss on the endss of wordss. I hate plz instead of please. And I really like the hide feature in facebook for those who do this! I am guilty of letting my son have a facebook profile (the 7 year old) so he can play games. But I really don't like teenagers (or preteens for that matter) invading facebook and having to look at their nonsense. (Man I sound old! *Shaking fist and telling the hooligans to get off my lawn*)

- I am selling the jewelry that McCartney and I make at a conference this weekend. We shall see how that goes. I am nervous no one will buy anything and I will look stupid. I will take a picture one I get all set up. Truly I am just happy to have a few hours wihout children!


Robert Rouse said...

Sheri's making fun of me because I once mentioned there were some hooligans on our lawn. She's lucky it was a Saturday. The rest of the week I call 'em whippersnappers!

La La said...

Okay, let's see: BOO for dog poop and YAY for Florida. I hope Dustin does well. And I'm glad you're feeling better these days. ;)

Anonymous said...

We have been sick non-stop too. It has been awful.

Love Florida. Not dog poop.