Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Field trip from hell . . .

I have been incredibly sick. I got a bad case of strep the first week of February. I was miserable. Like praying for death miserable. The next week I went back to work and felt fine. The following Tuesday I ended up heading home again with a sore throat, no voice and a fever. I developed a wicked cough that led my doctor to putting me on a VERY strong antibiotic for pneumonia. It did not work. I spent the week in agony. I began getting all these blisters on the inside of my mouth. I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that the strep was back. The doc kept insisting I had pneumonia. I went back to the doc for the third time in 3 weeks and he announced I was pneumonia free (no kidding) and that I had a massive strep infection and thrush. He put my on another antibiotic because for some reason the super-antibiotic was not working at all. I finally began feeling better on Wednesday.

Enter Thursday.

I had promised to go on a field trip with Harrison's class. You must be cleared by the school corporation to volunteer with criminal checks and such. The teacher really needed my help. I really wanted to go becuase it was a trip I went on while I was in elementary school. We were going to the Yoder Sugar Bush farm to see how maple syrup is made. If I love anything it is sugar! And sugar from trees . . . nectar of the gods! I so wanted to go, but I knew it would be miserable. Harrison would not allow me to back out, and I am stubborn so I went.

4 and half hours.


In 25 degree weather awith a windchill of 10 degrees.

I am not sure I have ever been so cold and miserable in my whole life.

I cannot believe I went on that field trip. I am a fool. I came home and bawled in my hubby's arms. I was so sick. And I was so tired of feeling like poo. My mouth was incredibly painful and I had no voice. The syrup was good though!

Friday morning I woke feeling better. I think the outside air helped "blow the stink off" and maybe froze the germs to death! I also woke to 3 kids with fevers. ARGH! I was determined to get better! I didn't step foot outside all weekend. I layed around, did projects and got better. This week I am back at work but still have blisters in my mouth and on my tongue. I am slowly recovering. It has been hard.

I leave for Florida in 30 days! (with a short overnight stop in Stone Mountain to meet the incredible Lisa and J!) I must get completely healthy. I leave you with some really cool pictures from the maple syrup farm . . .

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zunzun said...

Boy...that was a really bad one...did the kids get it that bad? That's what sucks about being a mom...you get sick and need to be taken care off but end up taking care of everyone else.